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Get your 20-30 Minute Personal Meditation By EmailI have been meditating for 20 years now – I have tried so many different forms of meditation during this time and I can see how it has really changed my life. I love it!

I was inspired by a student who shared personal 1-to-1 meditation sessions with me. She was sad because she was moving away and she wanted to keep her classes with me. It was because of her beautiful suggestion and by connecting with her in this online way, that I am now expanding this service to others too. I am passionate to share meditation with as many people as I can… and offer a personal service at the same time.

My main professional background with meditation is working with the Chakras, breath work, through Kundalini yoga, relaxation techniques through the body, using visualisation, exploring law of attraction and different energy meditation techniques… A mixed bag of tools that I can personalise for you too.

What you will receive:

By email, you will receive an audio file (m4a file) of a personal 20-30 minute meditation for you. This audio file is compatible with many devices to listen to when you download. This meditation is also yours to keep and use forever.

How does it work?

​Payment is done by PayPal.

In the instructions section of payment – Please provide information about what meditation you would like – And your email if it is different from your PayPal account. Alternatively, you can email me directly with this information at terakauryoga@gmail.com.

All your details are confidential.

Thank you for your support!

Important Note: These meditations are NOT for any medical cures/use or as a substitute for medical care. This is a service for relaxation only.

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