The Travelling Yoga Teacher: 6 Ways To Make Money On The Road!

Have you ever wondered how yoga teachers (and people who work in the holistic business) make their income while they travel? Good question – and here’s a few tips…

6 Ways to make an income while you travel…

These are exciting times for those of us who are or are thinking of being yoga teachers. Because there are more opportunities – especially for those who want to travel!

Contact yoga and health clinics in advance to set up a class/workshop…

Let’s say that you are planning to travel in the near future, you are planning your way around this exciting place – why not make some money while you are there?

First, some saver tips…

Booking and making plans in advance can save you A LOT of money. Travelling during Off-Peak times can further make those costs go down! So make the most of it and get organised with your diary.

Don’t let the weather put you off! Just because you are travelling Off-Peak, it doesn’t mean that you will have to endure the worst weather. Some Off-Peak times offer some pretty good weather despite it not being a popular time to travel. For example: Many mediterranean countries (like Spain or Italy) will still be fairly hot in October, so you can still enjoy the sun without the Summer price-tag.

Now to gain some income…

If you can save AND make some money while you are there, go for it! While you are making your advance travel plans and saving some money – make money in advance too. A lot of yoga centres and health spas organise workshop/classes with visiting professionals who offer their services. Research and get in touch with local places in the area that you can work with. You could make a one-off workshop or offer a series for a week/month/etc… It’s also worth keeping in mind whether they will offer these to their own clients and the practical details of this.

Create retreats in a next place you want to visit…

To extend the last point further, you could think about going all out and organising a full retreat. This will involve more planning and maybe some set-up costs, but it can be worth it as the prices for the students/clients will be more.

Find free opportunities to set up a class…

If you do some research, you will probably spot some great ways of having classes where you don’t have to put any money down in advance!

Tip: This is why I LOVE the hotter times of the year – Many places are open about people doing their classes in open air parks and beaches. This is perfect for combining cheap/no price set-up with a beautiful natural environment to work from. Please do check if there are any regulations (For example: London is generally a killer for the pocket to set it up as a lot of parks want you to pay day costs, licenses etc).

Freelance writing for health magazines…

It’s time to get creative! This could be another way to share your skills… and get paid for it. Again, research and connect with magazines to see what their submission and payment guidelines are.

It might not pay a lot – it might even just be free – but bear in mind that this is a great marketing tool too! With every article, include your contact and website details so readers will find you and you will gain a wider audience.

Start teaching practitioner and teacher training courses…

If you have been teaching and doing your yoga and/or therapies for a while, have you thought about starting practitioner and teacher  courses? If not, why?

Being an “expert” in your field can offer you many more opportunities… and with more income and opportunities to travel. Think about the average investment people pay for a Reiki course or a yoga teacher training course… you could be earning this! And it’s not a bad income if you choose to do it on a regular basis and while travelling!

You could also choose to teach online courses… For example: Hosting webinars, online and home study courses etc

Share your classes online…

Doing things online is not just about marketing your work to get more clients – it can also be a way of making income as you go along.

Make money through online studios – There are a growing number of online fitness studios that share live classes or video classes to paying students…. an interesting online way to offer your services to anyone, anywhere and at anytime!

Use YouTube as a form of making some income – People love to *see* who you are – and what you offer. It’s easy to begin the process of starting this up and might allow you to make some income through your videos – Click here for tips.

And while we are talking about making the most of being online…

Meetup Website for regular location visits – A quick way of allowing people to find you easily is through Meetup. For a small monthly fee, you can set up a group and post up meet up events that are specific for a location – Members can easily find your group/join/RSVP for free. This is great if you know you are going to be in a certain city/town/location regularly and want students/clients to receive regular updates and information when you are hosting a class/workshop.

Social media is an income life-saver! Love it or hate it, social media is part of everyday life now and people generally will be connected. If you are looking to keep in touch with your students and keep them close by when you do have classes/workshops, it’s time to look at Facebook/twitter/etc as a business tool!

Choose a business name and try to keep the same name for all your social media outlets – Create a Facebook page and twitter account. Update it everyday with pictures and tips, keep your audience interested! Post events and share with different groups online. When you are travelling and on the move, social media will make a huge difference 🙂

I hope these tips inspire you!

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