Positive Projects: 100 Happy Days – Join In!


If you have been reading my blog over time, you’ll see that I have this love/hate relationship with technology – or more specifically, social media. But you’ll also see that I am a big fan of sharing positive news and projects, making people happy and sharing the simple things that do it for us 🙂 Then this came along…

Screen Shot 2014-08-14 at 13.05.31

Have we become too “busy” to be happy? Really?!?

I can’t help but feel a little sad that we sometimes glorify how busy we are… or if we don’t have that jam-packed schedule, we suddenly might feel (or be made to feel) guilty for being so “lazy”? Whatever happened to just enjoying those happy moments when we have absolutely (and unapologetically)  nothing to do – but to enjoy the moment! 🙂

Take a moment each day to share too!

Join in by sharing a pic a day of anything that makes you HAPPY! It’s not about other people or what you are getting up to, it’s just about YOU and sharing that with loved ones through different ways. And if you are feeling more adventurous, there are many others ways to join in (events etc)…

Find out more here! 🙂


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