Morning Gloryville ~ Rave Your Way Into The Day!

This blog has always mainly been about sharing the world of creativity – through holistic health, travel and art… so we keep our eyes wide open for things that are inspiring people to enjoy and express their Self fully!

Conscious clubbing – Breakfast booze-free fun!

Just when you think you’ve seen it all, attended all kinds of fitness classes and confidently declared that you know the most fun way to connect to Self… this comes along lol 🙂

Yes, raving your way into the day with dance, yoga and meditation early in the morning – and then heading off into your usual weekday at the office etc.

I first heard about these events happening near me in East London – but oh no-no, it’s an international affair lol 🙂 London, Amsterdam, Barcelona, Sydney, Paris, New York… it goes on…

Ready to join in? Find a city near you and join in!

I found this interview very thought-full about spirituality, dance and life!

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I have a background in Psychology & Stress Management Counselling, Yoga & Meditation Teacher, Energy Healing & Empath Energy Coaching. My love for holistic health started in the mid-'90s where I started exploring different topics on a personal level - And then I began working with clients in 2004 after studying. My professional practice started in London/UK where I worked in several clinics, as well as opening my own therapy centre on London Wall. I now live my life between London & Barcelona. For me, the world of holistic health and science is an on-going journey, it always inspires me!

2 thoughts on “Morning Gloryville ~ Rave Your Way Into The Day!

  1. I used to go to a similar rave on sunday mornings in Bali. Such an amazing energy boost. I’m bummed out they don’t have one in my current city of residence. I’d love to go again!

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