Vegetarian & Vegan Travel Tips: Eat Well, Save Money!

I have been a vegetarian for the last 10 years, heading towards my vegan path – and in that time I have done a fair bit of travelling around, finding out some of the good and challenging aspects of food. After all, food is part of our daily life… It’s not something you can avoid lol 🙂

I don’t know about you – but the last thing I want to feel is cranky or low energy when I am travelling, it really affects my mood – therefore, eating well AND saving money (for other things on my travel) is a big thing for me… Here are some thoughts on what I usually do!

My Top 5 Tips To Save Money & Eat Well!

Research some local spots before going!

This is always one of the things I research, along with other essential things to do/see/experience when I am about to go to a new place. As well as looking for restaurants, I have found it more useful to search for organic/veggie friendly food shops/markets. I usually don’t plan to do any cooking on my trips (although this can be a greater option!), but knowing where I can find quick essential items to make snacks can save money.

There are many online directories of veggie friendly spots – My favourite being Happy Cow.

Take a few essentials with you

Sometimes, it can be more expensive buying basic items abroad so these are the small things I will stock up on in a small section of my suitcase. Plus, if you know you have some favourite things that you enjoy in most meals, take them with you… I’m not talking about heavy items, maybe just simple things like solid vegan cheese or a few snack items.

I usually take a small solid plastic container (like a tupperware box) and stuff it with as many things as I like – no fear of crushing or getting my clothing dirty when  packing!

If you are going to be in one location for a while, do a quick food shop at the beginning

As I mentioned above, sourcing out a few local shops that do have health conscious and veggie friendly foods can be good… Local markets are usually great for this – with plenty of fresh fruit and veg, plus they usually work out cheaper than specialised organic/veggie food shops.

If I have free time, I usually get this over and done with on the first day so I have a few things available to eat and make throughout my whole trip. Plus, then I don’t need to worry about future meals!

Make your own snacks to eat during the day

Save money and eat what you love – Make your own snack, like quick sandwiches or anything else you fancy. For example: In Summer I will buy a few fresh fruits from the local market and make my own fruit salad to carry with me in that small plastic container.

As we all know, veggie food does not have to be boring!  There are so many choices out there! If you’re planning to cook, enjoy the fresh ingredients of the season in your location – And if not, experiment with easy simple foods to take with you, while you enjoy your day moving around your new location… get creative 🙂

Treat your Self to some local vegetarian/vegan delights

It’s not all about snacking! 🙂 I do love to try local foods too – Part of the initial research is also finding out what local dishes are veggie friendly – so if I do happen to see it on the menu, I will know to try it!

And if I’m feeling like treating my Self, I do try to make a point of visiting (and supporting) at least 1 all-veggie restaurant in my trip. I can’t say I have ever had a bad experience in a veggie restaurant anywhere so far! And even when the price is usually higher than your average cafe, it’s well worth it 🙂

Do you enjoy eating out when you are abroad? What are your tips for finding and eating well while you travel? How do you save money with this? Share below 🙂

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