Food For Thought & Film: I Forgot My Phone!

Yes, I did… I forgot my phone for a day and was amazed at the process of slow detachment I went through – from being frustrated by not being able to do my usual check-ups and tune-ins of emails/texts/music/etc to pure bliss… and feeling much more grounded as I was enjoying the present moment on that day more.

Our constant use of technology (and particularly our hand-held devices like our mobile phone) are making headlines recently again, with children using them at really young ages and the health risks research about our use of modern technology – We also all know there is a positive side to all this technology. So, I think it’s all a matter of balance… taking a moment to know when to disconnect.


On an energy level, we are all becoming more plugged in – by energy cords…  We are more connected by energy/technology to people (and their energy) than ever before… It is important to take time to assess your energy connections and how you are responding/using your time with modern technology…

A recent popular video that has been circulating online – Some food for thought 🙂

Reflection questions:

Is your smart phone/technology helping you to be more present (ie capturing every moment, learning/sharing information instantaneously) or are you checking out of your day (games, facebook etc)?

Are your friends/page likes/etc connections on social media inspiring or filled with negativity?

How many times during the week do you log-off completely from your phone/online connections – to enjoy your present life/activities?

How much time in the presence of family/friends/people in your life do you spend on technology?

Are you able to switch-off from technology before bed-time?

Tips for a healthy technology connection

Disconnect from your phone/computer/laptop/tab for 30mins minimum when you wake up and when you go to sleep at night.

How many times have you rolled out of bed and checked your email or facebook updates straight away? I think we all have at some point… instead, replace this with positive quality Self time (saying affirmations, yoga, having more time enjoying breakfast/shower/etc). The first 30 minutes of your day and what you focus on can set the energy tone for the rest of your day!

The same goes for your night routine. Try to log-off everything at least 30 minutes before you sleep and use this time for your space to enjoy the present moment, doing something that will help you wind-down into sleep.

When you are walking/commuting during your day, try to not check your phone.

…Unless it’s for music, put it down! It’s funny seeing rows of commuters all checking and fiddling with their phones for no reason at all… So, use this time with a good book, listening to good music or reflecting on your day… anything that will unhook you from your phone connections. You may choose to completely use this time to disconnect too, even from your music 🙂

How much do you really need to share online?

I’m always amazed how much people share… but I’m just as guilty of this too sometimes 🙂 It made me wonder how much of my life I can now get away with leaving offline lol! With every thought/pic I posted online, I now wonder if this captured a positive thing for others to read or if it just took away from enjoying my moment completely in the *now moment*. A thin line between the two maybe?

And most people only ever choose to share the positive things in their life anyway – like the great party they went to or the pictures from their recent trips- but will leave out the negative things that are going on at the same time. So, how accurate do we really *know* a person from their updates anyway? How many assumptions are you making about a person’s “perfect life”? Studies are now looking at how this affects us and I’m now seeing this topic come up regularly in my sessions.

Think about how your updates are reflecting your life… and how you are using social media to share. And do you even need to share the present moment right now (instead of just sitting back and enjoying it fully first)? 🙂

Keep only inspiring and positive friends/page connections that you follow on social media.

Even though you may not be physically with these people (or you might not have even met them before) , their energy is still very much in your daily life as you follow their thoughts throughout the day – so keep it positive, inspiring and drama-free!

If you’re updates online are filled with drama, gossip, negative thoughts, criticisms, pictures of celebs looking their worst etc… then you are carrying this same energy in your daily life through them too. Think about it… how much  negative daily heavy baggage that is – you don’t need it! 🙂

Try our previous detox challenge! – Read our Urban Zen Tip!

I touched on this topic before… Take a weekend/day/week off completely… you’ll be surprised how light you feel afterwards 🙂

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