My Personal Story: Please Support ~ Complementary Therapies Empower People With Disabilities!

This year has been a real turning point for me in many ways so far. As a time of community and sharing, I have been amazed with how many people are being more open about their own personal journeys – people who I’ve known to be quite private with their emotions and personal stories in the past are now suddenly letting it “all hang out” lol 🙂

This tunes in nicely with this post and why I am posting: I am now also doing a personal Self development course and one of the tasks is actually do to just that… to share a new side of our Self to others!

It’s refreshing to see the shadow-side of Self in everyone. We all have one. And it takes a lot of strength to show our vulnerable side sometimes… which often reveals the things in life that made us who we are today – through the things we might have had to face (usually negative experiences). This has inspired me to challenge my Self in how open I am to people in my life about my shadow Self, in every part of my life.


My personal story

The truth is I don’t think I would be doing what I am working in now if I hadn’t experienced being disabled in my early 20’s… even writing this sentence here has made me feel a little vulnerable lol – maybe it’s because the word “disability” or being “disabled” has been so challenging to me over the last 13 years – and also to the people who know my personal story. And maybe it’s partly because I made a conscious effort to “teach” my Self to appear like I don’t have any form of disability for so long and to continue “as normal” – only a handful of people know about it – until now 🙂 It took me a while to re-learn how to “see” the world again in a different way…

I am partially sighted, my central vision is as good as gone with a condition called Stargardt disease. But I can still make out the world, not in true physical detail… but in a different way…

This is where energy healing came into play in my life. In the process of re-learning my physical world – my other senses kicked in… big time! A bit of a shock to the system at first 🙂 … but I learned that our bodies have an incredible way of adapting to everything!  The focus in meeting new people now is no longer about eye contact and physical appearance – it’s more about what the entrance/impact of a person “feels” like when I come near them. Essentially, the focus is on the energy aspect of each person. Simple things like music also became so important to me. Plus, re-learning to slowly hear my environment, instead of seeing it, was a strange uplifting experience. I became much more sensitive, inside and out!

Energy therapies (like Reiki and Chios energy field healing) helped me work out and understand all these elements together… At the time it started, I was already interested in natural living throughout my teens – but working with energy now became an important daily way of coping and living my life. I now “feel” my way through meeting people, going to different places and exploring life in general. The chakras helped me to understand my Self and the environment around me on a whole new level! 🙂 Soon enough, I wanted to share energy therapies with others too!

In the early days, I went back to studying for a degree, worked full-time and fitted in clients (evenings/weekends) as I slowly grew my therapy practice… From this, I  began connecting and learning from other therapists I worked with –  many had a similar experience to do with their health (physical, mental and spiritual) which also lead them down this holistic health path. The one thing we all had in common was that we all eventually wanted to work full-time in the complementary health field… because we  experienced first-hand how powerful it is 🙂

The wonderful thing about the holistic approach to health is that it goes much deeper than our physical Self – for example: helping people grow their confidence again and being able to explore topics that are normally not always openly discussed (like the work needed to change the perception of people with disabilities, work-place issues etc)… And there are so many therapies to pick from, to suit our individual needs!

Yes – Complementary therapies really do change lives!

The sad thing is mainstream medical healthcare doesn’t always offer the full support that people with disabilities need… especially when it comes to learning to cope with new changes. They are getting better though 🙂

This is why I wanted to share this post, my personal story and this wonderful place…


Organisations like The Disability Foundation (TDF) play a vital role in working with people who have disabilities and issues with health –  by using complementary therapies to help them through tough times. This video is a great example… please watch! 🙂

It’s beautiful how Self healing comes in many different ways 🙂

Please support or spread the word to anyone you think might benefit from it!

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