OM In The City ~ From City-worker To Light-worker: Vaz Sriharan @The London College Of Spirituality

office-group-meditationWorking in the city as a therapist for the last 5 years has been very interesting… I remember when I first started out in the city from another part of London, I was told that not many people (such as those who work in the banking industry etc) will be interested in energy healing or holistic health and that my business would be bad… this was a little overwhelming to hear from other therapists – but something told me to go ahead anyway. And I am SO glad I did! There is a whole new side to the city that happens after office-hours 🙂

I have to write a post on this soon but to keep it short – you would be surprised how many people in the city are looking at things in a much more holistic way… for example: many important yoga centres in London are now actually run by ex-bankers. What used to be seen as a “weird” thing to do is now growing into a way of life!

I was reminded of this today when I was having a chat with another therapist working in the same building as me…

Please do check out The London College Of Spirituality – they have fantastic talks, events and healing nights going on right now! This organisation has really made a huge impact in the spiritual community of London. Here is one of the founders speaking about life as a city worker, what this organisation is all about and some insights of how the city is run… tune in and see how you feel about it. Very interesting 🙂

From City worker to Light worker with Vaz Sriharan


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