Tonight’s Full Blue Moon Focus!

Affirmation: “As I reach my hands up towards the divine, I trust that what is for me will soon be mine. On this night I lay my past to rest, and from now on in will only expect the very best.”

Moon in Pisces: 1.59pm UT,11.59 AEDT. (source of post)
We have come to that time of the month again when the Moon has reached her fullest, this time at 8 degrees of water sign Pisces. Now, as most have you would’ve heard or seen-especially in the world…

I see a lot of people getting excited and sharing this information,but actually wonder if they are aware of what it means if anything at all. I have been doing some research into the Blue Moon, and here is what I have discovered. The Moon will not actually appear blue-this is a myth. Maybe when this term was born, the Moon was hazy,covered in smoke or appeared blue due to environmental occurrences. Also,the phrase “once in a blue moon” would indicate an event that doesn’t happen too often,when in actual fact the “Blue Moon” occurs approximately every 2.7 years-which is pretty regular in the bigger scheme of things. There are also some astrologers that say that a blue moon happens when the full moon is in the same sign twice in a row,such as the Scorpio full moon in April and May in 2008.

I am not trying to downplay the significance of two full moons occurring in one month, I am merely trying to supply you with fact. During my research I did read on quite a few occasions that the blue moon is a great time for spellcasting,particulary in regards to banishing or releasing those things that no longer serve you. While the full moon energy can always be used for this, I do believe that two full moons in the one month will add a little more intensity your rituals and magic.

As most of you who read my posts have come to know,the full moon is a time when things that have been hidden are revealed and we are able to more clearly connect with our own divinity. This can be a time of heightened emotion-particularly when in a water sign- and intuition is at an all time high. It is definitely time to start listening more closely to the messages of your own soul rather than always relying on your head for the answers. And, as most of you know-the gut never lies!

August started on a full moon and will finish on one. This a 4 month in numerology, one that has seen many facing challenges and obstacles as they connect in with what is and isn’t working in their lives. Structures that have provided a sense of security or have kept you from moving forward are starting to go, and even though this is a positive thing,it can also be incredibly scary. We all have situations in our lives that have become tiresome, and it really is time for us to finally take the reins and do something about it. Events or situations that occurred at the beginning of the month will give you a clue in regards to what may come to a head on this full moon. You will also be shown where you have been playing the victim in certain situations, and how you can go about releasing self sabotaging behaviours. Situations where you have been walking on eggshells or enabling others to continue their bad behaviour will be shown more clearly to you, and you will be given the opportunity to let others start taking responsibility for their own stuff, which not only releases them, but also you. Virgo, which is Pisces opposite sign will bring to your attention where you play the martyr,with the need to constantly rescue others so that you don’t have to deal with your own issues,or where you hide behind your responsibilities so that you don’t have to deal with certain aspects of your life. Being the martyr can also make a person feel needed in a strange way-especially if they are not giving themselves the sustenance and nurturing that they themselves require.

Martyrdom can also lead into physical,emotional, and spiritual exhaustion, so it’s a good time to confront this pattern if you feel that you might have it.
The Moon forms a very tight conjunction to Chiron tonight which means that you may have old wounds,regrets, and negative emotions coming to the surface. You will be shown where you have closed your heart to protect yourself, and how this protective patterning is actually keeping you in a prison of your own making. We have all had bad experiences in the past-especially in love-but this does not mean that every experience from now on in will be the same. Chiron and the Moon encourage us to bring ourselves closer to love by taking a chance to open our heart and allow new experiences in. And the more you can be 100% honest about what sort of a connection it is that you’re looking for, the easier it will be to manifest in the external world.

Pisces is imaginative,intuitive,creative, and artisitic, and gives you the tools to start bringing those dreams into reality. So lay to rest those things that are holding you back, and make room for the divine to start permeating your world.

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