Tune in! Let’s Re-Focus On 2012

Blessings beautiful people, hope you’re well!

We are now well and truly in 2012 and I can’t help but return to what my expectations/thoughts/ideas/hopes were for this year – and how it has manifested so far. I’m not alone, a few of you have also asked me this too lol.

So, I wanted to use this post to get back to the message of uplifting energy of this year… and how we can tap into it! It’s here, it is happening – the question is: How are you going to use this amazing opportunity?

And how can you move your life forward so you can make lasting changes in your life and to the people around you?

I found this lovely discussion and meditations on band camp website (I get a lot of my music here!)… tune in here and below – or purchase here! Interesting questions asked here.

(( Breathe deeply, tune in, enjoy ))


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