Happy Easter! Full Moon In Libra )O(

Full Moon in Libra – [From Astrology Goddess]

This full moon is about love, peace and harmony… or lack thereof. She will bring to light where these qualities exist in our lives, and where they don’t. Libra is Venus ruled, and loves to give the appearance that everything is hunky dory,while behind the scenes it may be anything but.

This full moon is nestled between the forward motions of Mercury and Mars, and the about turn of Pluto. She tells us that it’s time to get real and to ask ourselves what it would take to have authentic harmony in our lives, as opposed to the beautiful illusion that we may wish to project to others.

Libra rules relationships, so all of our connections are being called into question. We will be shown those that matter to us and those that we have been hanging onto for the wrong reasons.

The Sun in Aries asks us to honour ourselves, our autonomy and our independence – while the Moon in Libra tells us that we must honour our own values and morals, while allowing others theirs. Everyone has a right to live the life of their choosing and believe whatever serves them… If this becomes an issue, we can either agree to disagree, or sever the connection… it all comes down to choice and what it more important for you.

The Libra energy is about balance and we will be shown where we have ventured either too far into the realm of selfishness or where we have given up own own identity and have a become a doormat of sorts to others. You will be shown the areas that need to be brought back into balance and how you can go about achieving this.

These retrograde periods have given us the ability to really sit with ourselves and work out what’t important and what isn’t… and the more that you can be honest and get to this point on your own, the less stressful the upcoming Pluto retrograde and square to Uranus will be. There is no point complaining about any area of your life if you are unwilling to move.

Now is the time to take action. True unity and peace can be ours, we just need to stop worrying so much about what others think and start doing that which makes us happy. Once you give to you, you become more balanced in all areas of your life and have surplus energy to enjoy better relationships with others. Of course, you can choose to ignore this and keep going along your merry way… but the upcoming Pluto/Uranus square and the retrograde of Pluto and Venus will just bring these issues up at a later date…. So make those decisions that you have been putting off and watch as those scales become level again  🙂


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