February Challenge: Get Back To Daily Meditation!

It’s February – yay! 🙂

So I have lined up a new challenge for this month… If you are still on the popular  21 Day Affirmation Challenge, this follows on nicely with it too! Thank you also for all the positive feedback I had after that last challenge, you guys really liked it lol! This why I am now doing a monthly challenge and hopefully this will all complement each one, so we’re growing stronger in our energy flow and in cooperating these practical easy steps into our daily lifestyle.

So, this challenge is about getting back to basics – getting back to beautiful meditation work! It doesn’t matter if you have never meditated before or if you have been doing it for years! Because, we are going to keep it simple and also add a daily reflection for you to think about when you are set to start each meditation.

Why should we start meditating?

Meditation can be done by anyone, from all walks of life! Creating space to meditate is about re-claiming time for YOU. And in this day and age, we can often be guilty of putting our Self last on the list. Yet, even 10-15 minutes of meditation each day has a huge impact on our emotional, spiritual and physical Self. The health benefits are endless! Please watch the video above 🙂

When? – Morning or night? Or both?

To begin, start with either the morning or night-time to meditate and have space alone to do so. If you choose the morning, you may find it easier to set your alarm earlier so you have time – and it also sets the energy of the day off so nicely lol! But if you prefer night-time, choose the same time every night to start it so it becomes a routine just before you go to bed.

Gradually, you may want to even do it during both times, which is fantastic – but always start at an easy pace first and build gradually!

Get your music sorted!

Music is so healing 🙂 Before this challenge, put together a music playlist that you can use – and if possible, choose music with no lyrics so your mind won’t attach its Self to any words and meanings.

Start off with a length of time that suits you.

If you are a total beginner, choose 10 or 15 minutes to begin with. If you are already a regular meditator, start with a time that is comfortable with you. Set your timer for this so you know when to stop.

Every week, add 10 minutes to your routine.

As each week goes on, add 10 minutes to your meditation time.

Food for thought – Daily reflections for your meditations.

Setting an intention or having a topic to reflect on for each meditation is a great way of calming your mind and directing your energy in a positive way. So, I want to share a little gem that I love using daily – it’s called The Daily Motivator website – click here for the website! Each day, it will give you a reading and some positive food for thought that you can use as a centre of your reflections in your meditation. Read it before your meditation, let the words linger and start your meditation. Return to these thoughts on the reading when you feel you are wondering off on another direction. And always focus on your breath when you get stuck! 🙂

Tips on how to meditate:

  • Sit in a comfortable position – make sure your spine is straight and upright. You can use crossed legged, lotus, kneeling or a chair for this position.
  • Keep your hands in the position as shown above – The forefinger represents the ego or the self, and the thumb is seen as consciousness or God; when we place them together, there is a sense that the small self connects to the universe. Creating this attitude of connection in our hands influences our mind to create the same attitude.
  • Always return to your breathing – breathe deeply, feel your chest expand and contract, let it flow naturally.
  • You can use other tools also – like a blanket, pillows or meditation blocks to keep you comfortable.
  • Keep a journal – track your progress with a meditation journal.

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