Energy Healing: Being An Empath ~ Feeling Others Deeply!

This is a common topic that comes up with energy healing – specifically because our energy is always reacting with other people’s and our general environment – and some may feel these connections in a much more sensitive deeper state than others. That is when we can say that this person is an empath – a person who picks up emotions and vibrations very easily, almost as if they were their own! >>> Please read this website for full details. And if you’re not sure if you are one, click here for a great article on the 7 signs that you are an empath!

I will post more about the topic of empathy and being an empath very soon… I’ve got a few good (and practical ones) lined up!

Being the super curious person I am lol, I love learning how science supports the theories we use in energy healing, consciousness and the whole mind-body-spirit topic in general!

This video takes this one topic of empathy to a whole new level lol, enjoy


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