Setting New Year’s Resolutions – I am not usually a big fan of New Years Resolutions – But after the year we had in 2020, it’s safe to say that these are not ordinary times! Let me share 5 tips to create long-lasting intentions… Not just for New Years, but for any time we may want to create energy flow!


🦋 Choose a sacred word as this year’s affirmation

If you could choose just one word you want to connect with deeper, what word would it be? I saw this on a friend’s Facebook post and it reminded me how words have the power to change the way we connect and see the world. Affirmations are reminders of what energy we want to affirm in our journey. By picking one word as an affirmation, we can return to it at any time to re-focus our attention and energy flow. Choose one word that will be your foundation for this year. If you have no word in mind, GRATITUDE is a word that we can always return to – Feel it, explore it, journal about it and use it in your life!

Other powerful words: Abundance, home, love, possibilities, grounded

🦋 Work with the energy of a planet in your astrology chart

I love astrology, but you don’t need to be an astrologer or know anything about it to start connecting to your natal chart. Our natal chart is like a fingerprint that can guide us into understanding more about who we are, our strengths and our weaknesses. Astrology is like learning a new language so even after years of practice, there is always something new to learn – The key to exploring our own chart is to start with one area.

First, download your free natal chart. You can use many free websites, I personally love this one – Click Here! If you are new to astrology, the whole thing will look like a series of symbols and signs – Start by looking at what sign each planet is. Then find which house the planet is located in. It helps to start by focusing on just one planet – Choose a planet that has the energy you want to explore… Find the sign and house it is in and research what it means. For example: Venus is in the sign of Gemini in my 7th house – Google it, look this up on youtube and you will find many articles/videos that will go into detail about what it means to have Venus in Gemini and what it means to have Venus in the 7th house. Explore how you relate to the energy of this planet.

Here is a very simplified list of the energy of each planet and what their energy means…

SUNThis is how you radiate your energy in the world
MOONYour deepest emotions and intimate Self, nurturing, home and a sense of belonging
MARSYour drive, potential and actions, fearlessly moving forward
VENUSLove, money and the material things that make you feel good, what you value and law of attraction
JUPITERExpansion, growth, no boundaries or barrier, bringing in more of what you are working on
SATURNKarma, life lessons and the long-term effort we put in for long-lasting results, traditional, structures in life
URANUSSurprises, quick downloads and bursts of inspiration, ideas, innovative and breaking the rules
NEPTUNEDreams, spirituality, being high on life and connecting to the 5D realms, illusions or the breaking of old perceptions
MERCURYHow we think, our mental processes, communication, information and how we understand it
CHIRONThe Shadow Self, the wounded healer, the way we turn our biggest wounds into positive lessons to share with the world
Please note: Each planet is much more complex – with its own positive and Shadow areas.

Which planet will you choose to explore in your natal chart? This is a strong spiritual practice and it does take time to unfold – but once we start to see the treasures of what our chart is showing us, we can learn more about how we can use our own energy effectively. Each year, I choose one planet to explore in my chart and I observe my Self through its energy and what lessons I need to learn from it. It makes for a wonderful journal exercise too. This year, I really want to master my Shadow Self so I think working with Chiron is going to reveal a lot of new things.

To help you, I have been using this playlist of videos that explore each planet in-depth – Click Here! This playlist of videos is amazing for exploring the planets in detail and how to learn from their energy. Once you pick your planet, watch the video and see what comes up for you!

🦋 Dedicating the year to releasing old comfort zones…

2020 and the years that follow will be a shake-up of our comfort zone. Consciously choosing to release our comfort zone opens us up to being more present, more trustful in our journey and Self, making way for new things/people/places/etc and it is a strong message to the Universe/You-In-Verse that we are ready. If you took a leap of faith and decided to do something that is out of your comfort zone, what would that feel like?

Starting small and working our way up to the bigger things. Getting out of our comfort zone can be as simple as choosing a new route to go to work today – Or trying new food/drink! Its a process of trying new things out and slowly seeing how our comfort zones expand so we get used to the things that feel unfamiliar. As we grow, we start to feel a strange sense of comfort in being uncomfortable in new spaces, places, with new people and experiences. Each day, try something new and see how good it feels!

Reflection Questions: What old comfort zones are you still hanging on to that no longer serve you? What makes you feel fear yet excites you at the same time? What new thing can you do today to expand your comfort zone? If fear of the unknown or failure was not an issue, what would you aim for?

🦋 Choose 1 skill you want to focus on this year

Learning new skills is a creative way to channel our energy. In these transitional times, learning new skills can help us in our life to move forward in both our work and personal life. If you are not sure where to begin, think about what you are interested in or something that will help you personally grow. Confirm what it is and make this year a time where you will dedicate your energy into learning more about it – And in turn, also seeing how you develop as a person in your journey.

Ideas for new skills: Learning a new language, trying a new hobby and creative activity, joining a new group, course or class that works on a skill together, learning new communication skills, exploring the skill of tuning in to intuition

🦋 Building connection

What does connection mean to you? During the lockdowns and the heard times, who is there for you? What small daily habits make you feel connected within your Self? What community do you feel at home in? How can you give more of your energy to build connection in your life – through others, through your work, through the things you love to do? Define what the word CONNECTION means to you.

I think now, more than ever, we can sometimes feel so connected (through social media etc) yet feel totally unconnected at the same time. It is the strange paradox of our times. That feeling of connection and finding a home in Self is what really grounds our energy. It gives us purpose and motivation to channel our energy into what we love. In the times we live in, connection is going to be the way forward – On a personal and collective level. As a Self practice, maybe this is exactly the time where we need to anchor this as a daily practice of Self-love and exploration.

Reflection Questions: How can you bring a sense and feeling of connection in our life today?

I am wishing you a very Happy New Year – May this year bring you joy, positive life lessons and abundance!

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