After the year we just had, its no wonder we are all in hyper reflection mode. This is a meditation to use with your journal…

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This Winter Solstice is special. As well as celebrating a start of the new season, we have this great conjunction of Jupiter-Saturn in Aquarius, which brings in a whole new energy for years to come! Saturn is the planet of karma, learning lessons through experiences and hard work, slowly building through structures and goals, restrictions – Jupiter is the planet of expansion, growth, abundance and growth – Aquarian energy is the visionary, helping us see the bigger picture and breaking free from the old to move forward. This meditation will ask you reflection questions related to these energies – To observe where you have been expanding or contracting your energy. This meditation is perfect for connecting to your Chakras, journalling and to see what comes up! ENJOY 🙏🏽

For more information about the Aquarian energy – Click Here!

Wishing you a beautiful magical Solstice!



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