VIDEO: Ancestor Meditation (25 Mins)

What do your ancestors mean to you? As I post this meditation, we are in Scorpio season and Halloween – Many traditions celebrate their ancestors at this time. This is a meditation you can do to tune in at any time, release old energy and honour them.

This is a deeply personal and complex topic. We are unique manifestations of all the ancestral lines that came before us – Some of it we may feel we can celebrate, some of these lines might also bring up Shadow cycles in need of healing.

We are lotus flowers… Never forget that! No matter how mirky or clear the pond in which the lotus flower blossoms in, the roots lie deep and hold us in place. Our petals soak up the sunshine and expose all the parts of who we are – the Shadow and the Light – without one, the other does not exist. Our soul has gone through many evolutions.

For this reason, I want to honour our ancestors by using the beautiful Lotus Mudra. The movement works with the breath… Inhaling the light upwards and integrating it into our soul, releasing the old stagnant cycles and healing through our roots deep below us that hold us still. Try this meditation, be open, allow all emotions, thoughts, images etc to surface in this awareness meditation. ENJOY!

“I AM LIGHT” Meditation

🦋 Reflection Questions & Journal Tips

Food for thought…

Take a moment after the meditation to write down anything that came up for you – This helps to release and take note of anything that has been stored inside. It might not make sense and that is OK too. If anything challenging comes up, allow it – express it through your writing or your tears. The same with anything that feels uplifting – express it in your words and dance with joy to your favourite music afterwards!

Here are some reflection questions you can use:

✨ Is there anything or anyone that stands out for me?

✨ If I could heal and/or celebrate anything from my ancestors, what would it be?

✨ In my life now, how or what am I noticing about my Self that reflects my ancestors?

Explore and see what is revealed into the light!


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