Mellow Music Mondays: Morning ~ Beck

It has been a while since I posted any music stuff up on here, I’ve been super busy sorting out a lot of transitions in my life – but music has remained something that always gets me through reflection times… Every tune always takes me back to a place and space in time of where I was/am…

And right now, Beck’s new album Morning Phase has been subconsciously in the background while I potter around doing other things… And this Easter I finally realised how beautiful this album is when I just sat and listened in. It was hard to pick just one song… But hey here’s one of my favourite ones (more on this playlist) 🙂

Ultimate Mellow Moments


2 thoughts on “Mellow Music Mondays: Morning ~ Beck

  1. This is an absolutely beautiful album… Haunting strings and lush harmonies….It kind of reminds me of Zero 7 ‘s first two albums. Loving it.. Instant classic

    1. LOL, oh yeah! How true…. need to dig out that album somewhere. Thanks for stopping by 🙂

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