Energy Healing: Embracing Change.

I have been away from this blog for a while… Life always seems to speed up around Spring for me lol. It also means that there are many changes that I am working on – I am reminded that I need to be more flexible with *allowing* change… I think like many of us, change can often be a time where we either go head on with it or dance around it until we feel ready… even when we *know* we need to do it at some point… And what if we are not sure if we are ready for the change (in our work or personal life)?

These are some reflection points about the topic of change that I have been reminding my Self lately…


The first step is the hardest part.

The first step to facing change is to consciously declare that you are ready and willing to take action for a change, then the flow of energy changes and shifts. The Universe/You-In-Verse steps in.

The Transition point – Travel light to the next level.

The transition we go through can be tough when we leave things behind in order to move on. One of the first things we need to identify as part of the change to the next stage is what you need to let go of first…

What/where/who is no longer making you *feel* true to your Self and why?
And what practical small steps can you take to communicate, change, work through or release it?

F.E.A.R = False Expectations Appearing Real

As I was writing this blog post now, I tuned into Lee Harris on facebook and there it was – the perfect quote for this point!

“You are creating new roads on earth, not just for yourselves but for everyone – freedom roads. And if there is hesitation or fear in you, honor the fear. Do not judge the fear. Honour the fear you are feeling. Be good to the fear. Love the fear. The fear is a part of you. If you do this, the fear will disappear. If you fear the fear, push the fear away, get competitive because of the fear, try to control because of the fear, the downward spiral begins. Fear exists. It is that simple.

So recognise this kaleidoscope that you are, this spectrum that you are, this whole world within. You are at the very center of it leading the way beautifully, whatever your mind may sometimes tell you, however difficult the day may be. Sometimes the difficult lessons are the fastest pathways to the evolution of your life, experience, love, soul, humanity. I honor you for this path you are walking.” ~ Lee Harris, from The Energy of Competition

You ARE worth it.

We often make changes in our life because we are growing and Self evolving… we are opening our Self to new experiences that we want or need on our journey now… but we can also be afraid of it – “Am I good enough? Am I selfish for wanting this? Can I trust my Self? etc ” …Remind your Self that you are truly worth the change you are about to make (And I’m not just quoting a well-known advert for it 🙂 )

Feeling uncomfortable at first is normal.

Change will mean that you are getting out of your comfort zone… it will feel scary, uncomfortable, bring up feelings of anxiety or nervousness etc… and that is OK! This is why it’s called “breaking out of your comfort zone”…. These feelings you may be experiencing are just temporary, remember that… They will pass – so hang in there! Return to your breath – focus on breathing into your Solar Plexus chakra and visualise yellow (energy, breaking through fears/barriers, our confidence chakra)… use affirmations to remind your Self that you are in the right place. Soon, you’ll wonder what you were ever worried about!

Meditation to try!

Visualisation exercise: In a seated position with your spine straight, imagine the scary scenario of this change and watch how your body reacts when you are visualising it. Then practise consciously slowing your breath down, breathing deeply and using affirmations. With practise, you can slowly get more familiar with how your body/feelings react to this change and become more comfortable with it.

For example: A person who will need to start doing more public speeches for work will visualise being up on the stage, seeing the crowd in front of them… they would then go through the notes/speech in their mind and observe how they would feel. They could work on their breathing here and become familiar with this environment as a mental preparation for the actual event.

2 thoughts on “Energy Healing: Embracing Change.

  1. I believed that energy healing is more than just resolving old hurts and letting go of the past; it is also about changing your foundational structures and patterns. Thanks for sharing, I enjoyed reading your article.

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