Yoga At Home: My Yoga Online

By Karmym
By Karmym

After my last post on interval training, my bum and abs are killing me today lol! 12 mins really has an impact on my body already so I thought I would stick to fitness related posts to keep you inspired in your New Year workouts 🙂

Today, I want to share My Yoga Online. I wrote about it briefly when I posted on a capoeira-yoga fusion style a while back… it really is an amazing source for yoga DVDs and classes that can be easily payed/downloaded online and directly to your computer in minutes – and you get to train with the top yoga teachers around the world at home. My current favourites are Bibi McGillClara Roberts-Oss, Faith Hunter and Meghan Currie.

Most videos are filmed in a beautiful studio or in an outdoor setting – but you also have great videos taken in actual classes and in festivals.  Each video has a sample preview video and details at the bottom of the page for level, duration, workout details etc, so you can check what is right for you.

This website includes music and programs that you can buy/join/download for more yoga fun. All-in-all, thumbs up for this website and looking forward to a year of many more home yoga sessions 🙂

4 thoughts on “Yoga At Home: My Yoga Online

    1. lol, me too, so cute… thanks for coming by 🙂

    1. Hi, thanks for this – No, I haven’t checked this website yet so I’ll have a look 🙂

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