Urban Zen Tip #8: New Year’s Resolutions That Create Energy Flow!


The festivities are over, we’re all getting back to our daily schedules of life and most of us will also be reflecting on new year’s resolutions and what we want to achieve in 2013. I’m sure many of you have probably had a year or more when you did plan them out – and sadly it all fell apart within January… it can be very frustrating!

To make life simple (I’m in a habit of simplifying everything these days!), I want to ask you one question to answer and stick to:

What skill (I count this as a hobby too) can you learn/improve that will have a big impact on your life?

Eg. Dancing, singing, yoga, writing, web design, researching etc.

My own personal tip is to choose one skill (old, current or new) to channel your energy fully into this year, make it your passion (activating your emotional, solar plexus and heart chakras) … it can be a skill that you wanted to learn for some time or one that you used to do and had no time for etc… Winter energy is perfect for this!


I always used to think of this word as something to write on a CV lol… and of course, it can be if you’re out to look for a new job. But it also goes deeper than that…

“Skills” are an expression of what we love/connect with and what we enjoy putting our energy into… and you know energy grows where focus goes 🙂 … so it’s a gateway to attracting new things/people/opportunities/jobs into your life!

Think of the skill you are working on as a seed. You’re planting it in the earth, nurturing it with time/love/positive energy, learning from all the challenges that come up and Self growing. Eventually, you will see results and be able to share and connect with people and opportunities that came from it.

Many people transfer their skills from personal love of doing certain activities to new business plans or building confidence/opportunities in their current work. I’m a strong believer that all skills are transferable to our work and personal life, in one way or another… for example: you may have been learning new skills in salsa dancing and this can transfer as re-connecting (and giving off) inner-fire energy, courage and confidence (solar plexus energy) to attract new challenges at work that you might have been afraid to try in the past.

Be as creative as you like and dare to get out of your comfort zone… have fun with it!

Do it for you, the rest follows 🙂

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