Get Ready For 21st Dec 2012 & 2013: 5 Things To Do, It Starts Now!

The shifts of energy are very strong now, I’m loving all the information and events from people who are coming together to welcome this magnificent change… OK, so I doubt we’ll wake up on the 22nd and see a whole new galactic planet emerge in purple aura light or that the end of the world is most probably not going to crumble us all – but on a deeper power-full level, the change is within us. The ripples of positive change and energy starts with our Self. This is a special time 🙂

An important message:

Here are some quick tips that you can get started on now so you can start the process for the 21st and beyond…

1. Cleansing your body – Juice fasting and healthy eating

With every new season, it is a great idea to do a quick fast to cleanse our body… 3 day juice detox plans are very popular, although I think even a 1 day fast alone can make a huge difference. The aim is to pump your body with as much raw, healthy, organic live food as possible to really bring your energy levels higher. I usually like to do a weekend fast… and if I do feel really hungry, I tend to eat fresh fruit also. >>> Please read the common FAQs on this.

If this doesn’t sound appealing, maybe you can try to eat a healthier diet, adding more fruit and veg into your diet gradually. Another common thing that some people love to do is to avoid or cut down on eating meat and fish for certain days (such as Meat Free Mondays).

2. Setting your intentions through daily meditation

Now is the perfect time to set your intentions for this month and the New Year. Be really honest with your Self about what it is that you want in your life and how you can take small steps towards it. This is a great time for reflection work (being completely open!) so you can then activate your thoughts with clarity on the 21st.

A daily meditation routine is great – followed by a journal entry, writing down whatever it is that came out of the session – even if it doesn’t make any sense at all! Write it down, release and re-read when you feel you need to.

3. Send it out to the Universe – Give back to the community!

Christmas has always been connected to the act of kindness and giving to the wider community. This can be through volunteering in a charity or in every day random acts of kindness to the people (and strangers) you encounter in your life right now.

As we begin to wonder about how these changes affect us individually, maybe it is time to also think about how you can use your skills to make a bigger change. How can you be pro-active in giving out to the Universe through your work and what you are passionate about? It doesn’t have to be something you do right now, it could be part of a much bigger project for how you approach your daily life.

The message is clear: Your internal changes are part of a much bigger picture – how will you use your gifts? …Time to reflect and plan it 🙂

4. De-clutter your mind and attachments through forgiveness

I have been going through a phase of cutting loose cords in everything and it was only when a friend passed me a reading by Mystic Mamma that I realised what I was tuning into – it is time to forgive and move out of the “old house” I have been living in… We all need to let go of many things that we have been (mostly unconsciously) attached to…

“The image to work with this month is one of moving from one house to another. You have relinquished the old one and are on a deadline to move, as there is a new person moving in. You have to get all of your things out. As you pack you uncover all those things you forgot you had (or you wish you did not have) from the backs of drawers and closets and from the basement and the garage and other areas well hidden from your everyday life. You are astounded by the amount of accumulation over the years (most of you anyway).”

“As you go through it, memories and emotions come to the surface as you make choices as to what gets moved and what gets passed on, thrown or given away. After all the moving van is only so big and the new house is different, more efficient and you don’t want to clutter it up with unimportant or old stuff that is connected to some past dream or reality. For example if you lived in a snowy area and you are moving to the tropics you would likely eliminate most of your cold weather gear and equipment.”

“This is a time when you would feel slightly nostalgic, everything would be disorganized and no matter how well you packed you would still be living out of boxes for awhile. You would make sure you had the very essentials for living while you were unpacking: the minimum of clothing, furniture and kitchenware. You would rely on your friends and community to help with this transition and you would be somewhat excited but anxious at the same time especially if where you were moving was an entirely new landscape to you.”  

[On working with old judgements and karmic clutter while moving…]

“The ONLY solution is to FORGIVE it. Therefore the theme of Forgiveness is not to be taken lightly this month, but to be worked with on a daily basis beginning with you personally. Using the metaphor of moving, as you observe your judgments come up about the clutter in your life whether energetic, karmic or physical, forgive yourself.” >>> Read the full post here, beautiful!

5. De-clutter your physical environment

Following on nicely from the last tip, a physical de-clutter is a perfect way to clear out the emotional cords we hold and connect with every day with the material things around us! Travel light… It is time to get space clearing 🙂 >>> Read my post on this for full details!

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