Energy Healing: Energy Vampires & Absorbing Other People’s Energy ~ Part 1: Negative People/Places In Your Life

Have you ever entered a room or space and automatically picked up on bad energy and felt drained? Or do some people leave you feeling tired and anxious after talking/connecting with them?

The concept of “energy vampires” may sound frightening – but often, people do not know that they are one because they subconsciously have this pattern of interacting with others. So, it’s not a case of people necessarily looking out to “get you” – it’s more like, your positive energy draws people who want to explore it. It’s about the exchange of energy that happens when you are connecting to people/places and how your energy system reacts. And sometimes that can leave us feeling tired and at worst, ill (headaches etc)! Some people are more sensitive to it than others…

Therefore, it is important to be aware of how we interact with people/places in our life and spot it when they make us feel worse afterwards… this is the surest sign of an energy vampire in your life! You then have a choice on how to deal with it… we always have a choice in who/how we connect.

Talking from past experience, I had to learn this the hard way after years of putting my self in the situation of attracting energy vampires as “best friends”. Of course, not all my friends in the past were one and those who did make me feel drained were actually really lovely people at heart! It was just that for whatever reason, our energies clashed and I also forgot to set healthy boundaries – both on an energy level and in the way we communicated with each other (for example: they were mostly drawn to only talking about their problems and gossip for most of the time that they were with me). In turn, I realised that the way I reacted back was in a negative way too, engaging and sharing negative draining talk and focusing on the emotions that drained me. It became a bad habit, I found my Self also being an energy vampire because I was used to always being around negative conversations. Contagious stuff lol. It was a negative energy whirlpool that did nothing in the way of inspiring my life, each person I spoke to or in finding solutions to all the things we were moaning about lol! I can smile now but I can’t tell you how distressing and exhausting it really was – And unfortunately, I had no choice but to disconnect with some people because they did not accept the new boundaries I had to set up when I physically felt tired all the time.

I’m sure many of us can relate to having at least one past experience, either on a work or personal level, where we intuitively knew a person/place was draining us. Being aware of this is a powerful tool 🙂

Dr. Judith Orloff explores this topic:

Some reflection questions to ask your Self:

How much of your daily conversations with others revolve around discussions of problems, gossip, moaning, complaining etc?

What/who in your life leaves you feeling drained or negative after your interaction?

Do you listen to what your body and instinct is telling you easily?

How can you change or avoid interacting with conversations/people/places that drain you?

What boundaries can you set now?

If you can’t avoid things that make you feel drained (current work location etc), how can you change your thoughts or steer the conversations/interactions for a more positive Self effect?

Quick tip: Morning meditation using white light protection

Every day our energy changes to reflect our moods, stress levels etc. By doing a meditation in the morning for energy protection, you are actively and consciously setting-up your energy system for the day… Think of it like a button you press in “protection-mode” for your body, so that you allow/attract positive things into your energy field and at the same time, protect it from negative energy that may come your way. You are taking control over how your energy is interacting with the world around you.

It’s easy to do on-the-go as well – for example: I tend to visualise this a lot when I’m on the tube! You can do this at any time during the day when you know you are about to interact with a potential energy draining person/place. You can also team this up with protection affirmations ( example: “I only attract positive energy into my energy field” – click here for more ideas) to remind your Self during the day!

5 thoughts on “Energy Healing: Energy Vampires & Absorbing Other People’s Energy ~ Part 1: Negative People/Places In Your Life

  1. Wow, thank you so much for sharing. My aunt mentioned this to me last year but I was unable to find out more information. Might have to start using the meditation you posted!

    1. Hi! Yay, glad you enjoyed this post 🙂 Have fun with the meditation! Linda

    1. thank you for coming by and reading, glad you liked it 🙂

  2. Reblogged this Linda and so relieved to have found someone else willing to write/talk about this. So glad to have stumbled on to your blog from another friend here on WordPress. Got you on Follow. Come visit me sometime.

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