Positive Quote Of The Day: Food For Health & Healing!

As the weather is getting colder, a few things tend to change for me – as well as feeling like spending more time in a Self routine at home, slowing down my energy and embracing the new feeling of that shift of Autumn flow – I also begin to change my food choices…

I start to crave more cooked foods and to be honest, this is also the time of year where I find my Self indulging in foods that aren’t so healthy for comfort. This year, I am trying my best to stick to a mostly raw diet but old habits are hard to shake off when they have been a pattern for years.

I was meditating on this recently and this quote magically came up on my fb news feed… I was reminded to listen to my body, be sensible and celebrate the ritual of food (no matter how many calories they are!). My re-arranged food motto: Eat as healthy as you can, don’t feel guilty if you occasionally find your Self munching on sugary comfort foods and always (ALWAYS) bless you meal with love energy 🙂

“Your food should be served gracefully. When your food is placed before you, just the appearance of it should send a signal to your brain: this food is going to delight me and nourish me and I’m going to feel good! Then you immediately relax, your digestive juices start flowing and you feel very loved. Even if it is the most nutritious food, prepared from the freshest ingredients by the best gourmet cook, if it is simply thrown on the plate and served with a begrudging or hostile attitude, you might as well be eating cardboard. It will not take care of your body.

Serving your food gracefully is particularly important is you live alone and must serve yourself. Many people in this situation do themselves a great injustice by not taking the time to prepare decent meals. In the name of convenience, they come to depend upon fast foods, or worse yet, they stand in front of the open refrigerator and have an impromptu “meal” without even closing the door!

Even if your dinner is just a single boiled potato, you can still place it in a shallow bowl, cut it in half, add a little butter, perhaps even a sprig of parsley, set it on the table before you, and enjoy. It will do more for your mind and body than ten bags of fries at the local burger stop.”

~ Yogi Bhajan, Ph.D – Foods for Health and Healing

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