London Events: Outdoor Yoga Events!

There is a boom going on in outdoor flash mobs and yoga classes… The above picture was taken in New York as part of the Summer Solstice celebration this week. And I joined the meditation flash mob in Leicester Square on that day too (can you spot me lol?!)… More images here!

The good news is, there are more to come! 

Why join them? Good question! I guess it comes down to the individual but it is also part of bringing awareness to other people about what it is all about… spreading the positive energy to passer-by’s who might not have had the experience before. Speaking for my Self, I remember seeing a Capoeira outdoor event years ago and that was the start of my own curiosity of this art form… plus these events are great for meeting like-minded people, getting fresh air and having fun! I’m hoping these will have a similar effect where people will get inspired to try new things! And holistic health is booming 🙂

So, here are more dates for the diary to add to my other post…Please check the links below for full details and how to register etc:


This Sun 24th: Yeo London! Let’s Yoga!

1st July: Canada Day Yoga in Trafalgar Square!

10th July: Evolve Yoga & Meditation Flash Mob

14th July: Meditation Flash Mob at the London Eye!

7th Aug: Wellicious Yoga Flash Mob

21ST Sept: Meditation Flash Mob, International Peace Day

 I’ll update this as time goes on and more events happen. If you see a dreadlock yogi in the event, feel free to come over and say HI!  🙂

Tell us what you think here!

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