Energy Healing: Chakra Affirmations!

Tomorrow is my first Chakra workshop in years and I am so excited! I’ve been busy going to different events also as the Summer Solstice is next week and I really wanted to get the full blast of beautiful energy that is floating around (even when the weather hasn’t caught up to the fact it is Summer lol!).

Regular readers here will know I have a little healthy obsession with affirmations… I truly believe that affirmations can re-set your whole mind-set and intentions on how you live your life.

Affirmations program the mind in the same way that commands and scripts program a computer.

(Read more about the power of affirmations)

If you are working with certain chakras, you can also make your own affirmations to directly work with these chakras and it is so simple… just begin your positive affirmation with the words that correspond to the chakra you want (see image above).

For example (using the image): If you are working with your heart chakra, you could use “I love and accept my Self completely” or if you were working with your root chakra, you could use something like “I am completely open to new experiences in my life”.

And if you’re feeling super creative, try making an affirmation that you feel connected to for each chakra, beginning with the words that relate to them. This could make for a really nice start to your meditation or yoga practise – and a beautiful reminder that your energy system is alive and flowing!  🙂

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