Reflections: Talking Anxiety ~ And Our True Self Revealed!

Let’s take a real close look at what anxiety is… I love this angle. What if we tried to embrace our true Self – the one which doesn’t take into account others’ expectations and “the mask” we are guilty of putting on sometimes… what will we find in who we truly are? Explore 🙂

2 thoughts on “Reflections: Talking Anxiety ~ And Our True Self Revealed!

  1. Hi. And Thank you. I just recently wrote about my own struggle with anxiety. Deep breathing has helped me tremendously…. I recognize that for me, anxiety often begins when i am overwhelmed and I let the thoughts and expectations of others, and society, begin to affect me. It’s like the expecations begin to gnaw at you, until panic arrives. But when we can let go, and find true center, we relax.

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