Forget Your New Year Resolutions List!

This made me smile 🙂

I’ll be the first to confess that over the years, it has been the same routine where I decide to make a long list of new year resolutions and then by day 5 (or some day near the beginning of January) of the new year, I somehow already fail to follow through with my plans lol! Then I get the guilt trip of feeling like I have failed on my mission for the year – so much bad energy in just a short space of time! What a way to start a new year 🙂

So, ths year I have chosen to keep it VERY simple. Instead of focusing on what it is I want to improve about the bits I don’t like, I’m going to simply redirect and expand my energy on one thing only that matters to me the most and makes me happy!

This isn’t to say that I don’t have things I know I need to work on (this can be worked on at any time of the year!) – but this new approach allows me to start the year with the focus and the direct positive energy/intention in an area that I wish to expand on that feels positive…

This year my only resolution and positive affirmation is:

“I simply choose to focus on doing more of what makes me laugh more!”

That’s it 🙂

So, why not give it a go this year? Keep it super simple:

What is the one area in your life that you love and want to do more of?

Send your energy in a positive direction and watch it grow 🙂

Tell us what you think here!

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