Urban Zen Tips #2: Find Your Spot!

This is the second post in a series of “Urban Zen Tips” where I’ll be sharing simple, practical and healthy ideas on how to keep your mind-body-spirit healthy and positive. These are also tips that I often share with my clients to gain a work-home balance and grow in a holistic approach to the hectic city lifestyle – Enjoy 🙂

“Your sacred space is where you can find yourself again and again.”
~Joseph Campbell

Find Your Spot!

This is a funny one – when I say these words to clients as tip, I get a whole heap of mixed reactions lol…. Until I explain!

Many of my clients express how unhappy they feel with their weekly routine- essentially just commuting from home to work and back again only.

This is a common issue that comes up time and time again. This tip will hopefully help you break that cycle!

No matter how long you have been living in your city/town, from a few days to all your life, I am a strong believer that it is essential to find a place outside of your home that you can claim as “your healing spot”… a place where you can return to when you need to charge your energy with inspiration, relaxation and comfort. A home away from home 🙂

Every location has it’s own energy and by law of attraction, it will attract and react to our own energy field in different ways. So by finding a place that you feel connected to, you will gradually have a space where you can build your own energy, grow and explore your Self.

You might already have one! For example: a cafe that you like to relax in, a pilates studio, a green space or park etc. A common one that a lot of my clients have is their favourite yoga centre. Whatever suits you, make a point to visit this place often – It will create time-out for you, get you back out into the world around you and in tune with your Self. And Wonderful things happen when we are feeling our true Self lol – in turn, this will attract more of the things in your life that you love!

If you haven’t already found one – the key is to tune in and find a place where you *feel* right…

Time to use your instincts!

It reminds me of an old shaman exercise I used to do years ago where you are walking in a natural environment and you suddenly get a natural instinct/urge/feeling/calling within, telling you that you need to stop in a certain place. This is pretty much the same, except the environment may be a little bit more crowded and with less nature! However, the cencept is the same… Have fun exploring the city for this spot. Every place that we are attracted to rest in, is for a reason 🙂

In the city, we are spoilt for choice too! It’s tempting to make a whole list of places you love to go to… but to begin, keep it to a minimun – better yet, whittle it down to just 1-2 places.

Some additional tips:

  • If possible, keep it close! It’s always  ideal to find a place that you love on the way to home or close to your home location. At leastt that way, there are no excuses to avoid venturing out on cold frosty days, as you won’t have to travel far.
  • Keep it healthy! The whole point of finding this urban zan spot is to keep it positively healthy and stress-free… a place where you can actively do things that will keep your mind-body-soul fit. There’s a time and place for everything but for this space, do not include bars/clubs, junk food spots, gossip events etc. Some people enjoy regular events/classes too.
  • A social spot to enjoy the positive energy of others! Time out to relax in a confortable environment is great… be aware of the energy of those around you too! And who knows, your energy might attract new like-minded friends into your life. Keep it all positively charged 🙂

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