Healing Colours: A Daily Healing Tool

By nature, we are attracted to colours. Colours are part of what makes life bright and vibrant. As part of my energy healing therapy work, colour is also an indicator of many things, as well as being very connected to each chakra with its own colour. I want to share a few tips about how colour can be used in our daily life as a powerfil tool!

Firstly, ask your Self:
Have you ever noticed how your mood affects your choice of colour in clothing? Do you feel attracted to any specific colour(s)? What colours are you wearing today and why?

It’s amazing how the most obvious things around us can be unconsciously ignored, their true power becoming lost in the process.

Colours and healing.

Each colour is unique and has a different effect on each individual person, through past experiences and memories. This is a general outline of how colours can be used:

White contains all the colours. This colour gives calmness, purity of thought, removes negative tendencies, bringing clarity.

This colour is a gateway to the Higher realms. It calms the body and mind, beneficial to use with meditation and praying. Use this colour to enhance your awareness of Self and your surroundings. This is also the perfect colour in moments where there is a need for reflection.

This colour awakens our intuition and sixth sense, the knowing feeling inside. This colour can be used to tap into our Self and connect it to the Higher mind of divine knowledge.

Blue is very calming, relaxing and healing. This colour is connected with clear communication and for verbally connecting our Self to the outside world.

The colour of love, balance and harmony. This is colour can be used for moments where there needs to be calm in tense situations or after arguments. It brings understanding and tolerance.

Use this colour for enhancing your confidence, alertness, vibrant emotions and mental activity. This colour can be used for studying as it increases concentration too.

A wonderfully warm colour, with an energising effect. Use this colour to enhance your creativity, fun and sociability.

Energizing, exciting the emotions, stimulates appetite and enhances passion for life.

Black has a powerful effect of taking us within, used for moments of reflection and inner reasoning. When combined with another colour, it gives strength to the next colour. Use this colour to work with other colours and to discover your Self with more depth.

A nurturing and soothing colour, giving off a warm and gentle glow. Use this to dissolve negative emotions such as anger or frustration. The colour of unconditional love.

Self discovery meditation – what does each colour mean to you?

Meditation can be used to bring awareness to your own feeling and emotions that are associated with colours around you. This is very simple to do and won’t take long:

Sit or lie in a comfortable position, where you won’t be disturbed. Pick any three colours that come into your mind. With each colour, take a moment to simply imagine that this colour is who you are. What does this feel like? Release the need to control your thoughts and simply let your thoughts stay focused on the colour and what comes after it. Do you feel positive or negative? What images do you see that are connected to this colour? Do you have any memories of this colour from past experiences or events? Have you used this colour recently as clothing or anything else? Relax into the colour and take mental notes as you come across points. Spend at least 5 minutes or more with each colour.

With the knowledge you gain from this meditation, you can connect each colour into your life and use it to empower you.

A daily meditation with colour.

This meditation can be done everyday:

Each day, choose the colour which is making you feel good and positive. Sit or lie in a comfortable position and focus on your heart beat. Do this until you are settled and ready to move to the next stage, there is no rush. The next step is to bring focus to the colour you have chosen and imagine that this colour is streaming through your spine, from bottom to top. Allow this river of colour to continue to stream through in an upward direction, eroding any negative points that it may encounter. Take your time with this step until you are feeling empowered by your chosen colour. The last step is to release this flow of energy into the universe, feel it expanding out of you in all directions, glowing in your chosen colour. Enjoy this feeling for as long as you like! Finish the meditation by thanking your Self and the Universe.

During the time after your meditation, observe how this meditation effects your day, your moods and the people around you. Do you notice any changes?

Cleanse your environment with colour.

Your daily environment has immense power and energy, interacting with your own energy system and playing part of your overall health. Here are some simple techniques you can use to bring healing colour into your environment.

For protection and inner strength – In times of new situations, where you might be feeling vulnerable, less confident or in need of protection from negativity, this is a wonderful and simple method to keep you from feeling drained:

Imagine that there is a golden ball in your chest area that is rotating and reflecting off yellow beams into your environment. Relax and focus on your breathing as you imagine this. Stay in this meditation for as long as you need until you feel energised or ready to face the situation.

To promote love and affection in your environment – A quick and easy way to promote love, understanding and connection is through the following visualisation that can be done at anytime:

Simply infuse your energy field with the colour pink by visualising that you are in a bubble of this colour. Take a few deep breaths and relax into this bubble.

This is a brilliant way to quickly direct your energy in a positive way. As well as being relaxing, it will give off a positive warm vibe and frame of mind.

At home – As you begin to learn how colour works in your life, you can then bring this into your home environment, your sacred place of rest. Through lighting, materials, paint and decoration, surround your Self with vibrant colours that work for you.

The process of experimenting and learning through colours is a valuable tool – use your imagination to find new ways to in cooperate it into your life. Most importantly, have fun!

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