This Week: Mercury Retrograde, Nov. 24th 2011

Have you been feeling sensitive?
Has your energy been feeling drained?

This week sees the Mercury Retrograde creeping in… and as well as me being quite sensitive to this period, I also notice a lot of my clients do too!

I wanted to share what this means… and how it can be used for a positive effect in our life (taken from this blog source):

Here we are nearing the end of the year 2011, what a perfect time to review the previous ten months and all that it contained before we start a new year. Mercury in Sagittarius at 20 degrees shifts into Retrograde phase on November 24th, 2011. Mercury’s got the tunes playing “re-vamp, re-vise, re-do, re-cycle, re-connect.” What’s interesting to note is that this Mercury retrograde is re-shifting things between two potent Eclipses. A Solar Eclipse (symbolizing new chapter) on Nov. 25th and Lunar Eclipse on Dec. 10th (symbolizing and ending of a chapter).

Listen more and speak less.

It helps to remember to slow down to really listen and pay attention in conversation with someone. One gift we can give to another or ourselves is to be attentive and listen. A person wants to be heard and then transformation and heal can happen swiftly. We will get our chance to speak our truth, if we allow ourselves to remain aware in an expanded state of mind and then flow with the energy. The space for us to say what we need to will present itself.

We must remember we are in a dialogue with another and not using another as a venting punching bag, metaphorically speaking. With Mercury Retrograde in Sagittarius, we may tend to blurt, impulsively input, stand on a soap-box and spout our opinions. This may not be the best way to create a space where dialogue happens. Set a clear intention before communicating with another during this phase.

Quick Overview Mercury Retrograde:

Building up:Nov. 5th – 24th — Mercury in SagittariusRetrograde begins:Nov. 24th – 20 degrees SagittariusDirect motion: Dec. 13th at 3+ degrees Sagittarius
Begins New Cycle: Jan 1st, 2012 – Mercury 21 degrees Sagittarius

Let’s Review:
The Mercury Retrograde cycle does touch and some cases muck up our personal world and the symbolism (and aspects) can reveal this. It does tend to symbolize many things yet it is not the ’cause’ of something. No planet is. Planets in Astrology tend to symbolize, activate and stir awareness. All this so we can be more conscious and choose wisely.

Let’s Re-think:
My hope is that people who are interested in the planetary cycles begin to look at the underlying “rhythms.”Mercury’s retrograde phase symbolizes needed ‘rest or introspective’ time for the mind, mental energy and the central nervous system. We get that much-needed break from an over (and for some way over) active mind the rest of the time.

Let’s Reflect:
We are drawn into the inner world of dreams, imagination, open space and even possibly quietness. In this introspective phase, we are closer to being in a meditative space than engaged in being overly scattered or busy analyzing, sorting, processing information. Mercury Retrograde is valuable in that we can let go of unused ideas, shake off mental attitudes or revise strategies that are not functioning at optimal levels. The machine breakdowns or computer glitches remind us that the mind can do the same if not given a well deserved break. It is a valuable time to re-shift our perspective if we have been going off the path or out of alignment with goals.

Well the list can go on… Mercury retrograde “symbolizes” many things. It may offer guidance on things or potential choices we may need to make due IF snags or glitches arise. However, from my point of view, a planet such as Mercury is not responsible for the choice we make. We are responsible. We are empowered beings that are able to choose. What a breath of fresh air. Planets tend to symbolize things within Consciousness and in daily life.

Current Mercury Retrograde in Sagittarius “Re-Envisioning” the Bigger Picture of Your Life.“ All key themes will surround the astrological sign of Sagittarius such as; expansion, integration, aspiration, vision quest, higher mind, belief systems, philosophy, international affairs and higher education.

We get an opportunity to reflect on our “quest” in life, as a Seeker in life what are you seeking? Is it meaningful? Does it help you to broaden your perspective? Are you envisioning the bigger picture?

These are helpful questions to start with. Old issues, people from the past, misguided false beliefs, skewed perceptions may arise and make themselves known. Investigate, contemplate and then decide what to do next. Resolutions may appear down the road perhaps around the later part of December 2011.

Where does this Retrograde Phase happen for you?
In your Natal/Birth Chart find the house that contains 20 degrees to 3+ degrees Sagittarius. This is the Mercury retrograde will be symbolically re-tracing.

The next time you have the urge to blame, justify, project or scream at Mercury retrograde or any other planet… remember…YOU can choose how you respond to any given thing that the astrology cycles tend to activate and symbolize in YOUR life.

Mercury goes Direct at 3+ degrees Sagittarius on December 13th, 2011. We may get to have some meaningful exchanges, laughs and experience a joyful state of mind into the rest of the Holidays and into the New Year. It may be that we feel we get to say what we need to before the year completes.

Mercury in Sagittarius invites each of us to think in broad terms, to embrace diverse range of ideas and perspectives. Honor one another and have interesting meaningful conversations about the meaning of life this Holiday Season!

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