Meditation for the Arcline and to Clear the Karmas (40 Mins)

This is one of my favourite meditations to do! We will do the full time length for this meditation – Perfect for deep release, strengthening our energy and grounding


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Take a moment to tune in and set intentions for this new moon. This meditation feels like a detox to our full system, releasing old stagnant energy from our arcline and karma. It helps us to strengthen our energy and manifest strongly. Keeping our arcline strong has so many beautiful benefits. This is one of my favourite meditations and definitely my top choices for the empath’s meditation toolkit to do often!

We are going for it with the full 31 Minute set! Most videos online show the shorter version of this meditation (11 minutes or 22 minutes) which is wonderful! But I felt called to do the full time with you… Read more about the meanings of the times in meditation.

As always, this is not a race or a practice of keeping our mind or emotions shut down. The opposite applies – This is a practice of awareness. Go at your own pace. If you need to shake your arms or rest at any time please listen to your body. Surrender and hold space to observe what thoughts, emotions and anything else comes up. Watch them all. The full set can be a real practice in patience and surrender. Keep going! After the first 10 minutes, students normally sink into the music, rhythm and mantra much easier.

The Arcline

In the tradition of Kundalini yoga, the human has 10 bodies, not just one.  The 6th body is the Arc Line, which is a halo that stretches around your forehead, earlobe to earlobe. Women have an extra arc line that runs from nipple to nipple and assists in bonding with an infant.  If your aura is the vehicle of light in which you drive, the arc line is the steering wheel.  It provides guidance to the aura (essentially communicating the “state of the union” of your body and mind).  It also guides you by creating a field of protection that when rattled should (if you are clear and listening) alert you.  As much as it gives internal guidance, it also projects external information.  That is, if your thoughts and feelings create your reality by offering a vibration to the Universe, then your arc line is the transmitter that sends out the signal. How strong or weak your arc line directly corresponds to the strength and integrity of the signal.  Both intuitive information that you are receiving (protection) and the power of the information you are sending out (projection) are influenced by the arc line.

>>Read more about the arcline


Instructions: Meditation for the Arcline and to Clear the Karmas

Posture and Mudra: Sit in Easy Pose with a straight spine. Relax the elbows down by the sides, and bring the forearms straight out in front of your body, palms flat and facing up. Have the palms slightly cupped, and place them a few inches above the knees.

Movement: Bring the arms up, back behind head, stretching the hands and arms as far back over the shoulders as you can. Imagine you are scooping water, and throwing it through your arcline, over your shoulders, with a flick of the wrists. The movement is smooth and gracefully flows along with the lyrics and rhythm of the music.

Music & Mantra: Wahe Guru, Wahe Guru, Wahe Guru, Wahe Jio  >>Read about the meaning of this mantra. On each “Wa-hay Guroo,” as well as on the “Wa-hay Jeeo,” do one complete round—scooping up, throwing over your shoulders, and come back to the starting position. >>Try this song version for the full 31-minute meditation

Eyes: Closed – Take your inner gaze to the point between your eyebrows

Time: 31 minutes

To End: Inhale and stretch your hands back as far as possible, hands right behind your head, Posture for the Inhale must be correct. Hold for 10 -15 seconds. Exhale. Repeat 3 times total. Relax.

Comments/Effects: This meditation is for the arcline and to clear the karma that has been stocked up in it. You’ll experience what Wahe Guru actually means. It’s just a hand of prayer. Remember, the power of Infinity is not outside of you, it is inside of you. When “I” and Infinity create impact, you’ll become totally divine. Otherwise, there’s a duality which keeps you away from reality, and the pain is humongous.



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