NOVEMBER 2020 – ONLINE Workshops & Classes

A November to remember! Try our latest online workshops and classes as we release through energy cord-cutting and Shadow work.

A Month Of Release & Gaining Clarity

As we head towards the end of 2020, there is a lot going on! There is no escaping what is going on around us, even when it happening on the other side of the world. And as we head towards the last months of this year, there is a lot to process – on a personal and collective level.

For this reason, I felt drawn to opening up this space to members, where I hope to hold space for everyone to share in a community. To begin, I chose the sacred date of 11/11 (11th November) to launch the energy cord-cutting workshop for all of our new members. Let’s dive in deep together!

Membership is at our offer price of $11.11/Month. Join now and you will get the 3-Part workshop + other content on this website. Our workshops will be posted in our workshops and members page. Free classes and posts will be shown on our main online yoga studio page. Here is what to expect this month…


If you miss any sessions, you can catch-up on the website!

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11th 🦋 Soul Seed Memories Workshop – Part 1 (Members)
Soul Seed Awareness: If you could choose just 1 thing you want to release from your energy, what would it be? Awareness is the key foundation for change. Using meditation & energy techniques, we will dive into the roots of our energy cords that we want to release.
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15th🌑 Super New Moon In Scorpio
A seed is planted for the next 6 months. Scorpio energy is always transformational – the perfect time to plant seeds for the next 6 months of this cycle.

25th 🦋 Soul Seed Memories Workshop – Part 2 (Members)
Shadow Reflections: After Part 1 and the Scorpio new moon, we now have the grounding set in place for reflections and lesson learning through our energy cords. Through Shadow work, we can start to unravel what we gained from the cords we want to release.

30th🌕 Full Moon Lunar Eclipse In Gemini
Change is unfolding: We end November 2020 with a Lunar eclipse that aligns perfectly with the North Node (Energy direction) of Gemini. Eclipse season is famous for bringing new endings or beginnings. Time for completions with the full moon energy. This ties in perfectly with our workshop series where we will do our final Soul Seed Memories Part 3 at the beginning of December.

See you there, enjoy November! 🙏🏽

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