3 Part Series For Energy Cord-Cutting

We are officially launching our online yoga studio membership area! We are offering a deep energy cord-cutting workshop series. Here is a line-up of workshops and classes for our new members!


3 Workshops For Deep Releasing, Gaining Clarity & Planting New Intention Seeds + Additional Online Classes

YES! We are finally getting our membership area together and sharing special content for our members… We start on 11/11 (11th November 2020) and everyone can join for $11.11/Month to access all our content. 2020 has been a challenging year for many of us – A time where there has been many shifts, both on a deeply internal and external level – personally and collectively. This is exactly the time where we can gain clarity in what we value in our own life and what we want to release. Our first workshop for members will be about releasing through energy cord-cutting.

A 3-Part Workshop series, inspired by this post that I made earlier on cord-cutting…

Workshop Details

This workshop series is based on gaining awareness and self-reflection. Using meditations and guided techniques, I want to share what has worked for me in the way I use energy cord-cutting for my Self and with my clients. There is going to be plenty of invitations to use your journal to explore at your own pace. This is a Self-learning series with guidance through my videos and posts.

So… If you could choose just one thing/person/habit/etc that you want to release from your energy field, what would it be?

Do you have something in mind? I invite you to think of this and work on it through these workshops. Energy flows where attention goes, so bring this to our sessions and try these releasing methods for your Self!

This workshop is for exploring…

🦋 How to use energy healing to release old-energy cords from your Chakras at the roots

🦋 How to use meditation to work with cord-cutting

🦋 Kundalini yoga for detoxing and clearing our energy

🦋 Journal exercises for Self-exploration

🦋 Holding space for your thoughts, emotions and Shadow Self to breathe

This workshop is for people who…

  • Enjoy working through active self-exploration and through journal writing.
  • Are open to what comes up
  • Want to make changes with actions

This workshop is not for people who

  • Are seeking one-to-one coaching through this workshop – This is a general online group workshop series and I do not offer personal one-to-one feedback.
  • Are looking for instant results – As I mention in my blog post on cord-cutting, some things take time to explore and these techniques are perfect to do as a meditation practice over time. Many clients have found release and success through these steps during the first sessions – but there are also some people who found that repeated practice helped to dive in deeper for the release.

🦋 When & Where?

This is an online workshop series – I will post on our workshop space and online yoga studio pages. Once you become a member, log in to these pages and you will have access to these workshops. Details of how to become a member are below.

The dates of posting the workshop videos are on: 11th Nov. 2020, 25th Nov. 2020 and 5th Dec. 2020. Each week, we will share meditations and journal exercises to do at your own pace – Each workshop will uncover another layer of energy cord releasing in this 3 step approach. All the content will remain online so you can come back and enjoy it again if needed.

How to join? Become a member!

Special New Member Offer: $11.11 For 3 Full Workshops + Additional Member Content

Normally, I work one-to-one and charge for individual classes using these techniques (which cost much more). During these transformational and challenging times, I want to be able to offer this to everyone at a very reasonable price. As we launch this membership space, I offer this to all new members who join now. Prices and availability of this workshop might change for new members next year (2021).

💌 Don’t forget to get notified by email of the workshop and classes that come up!

(Please note: Sometimes emails automatically may go to your spam folder (or other email folders). Please check all your incoming email folders so you don’t miss it when it is posted.)

Become A Member!

As well as this workshop, you will be able to join us on all our other content!

Enjoy 🙏🏽

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