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Hi! My name is Tera Kaur (Kundalini yoga name) – I work with empaths and highly sensitive people, sharing holistic tools to empower our journey!

I have a background in Psychology and Stress management counselling – I also trained as an energy therapist, yoga & meditation teacher. My holistic health journey started in the mid-’90s and I started working with clients in 2004 in various clinics in London (UK), which then lead me to open my own therapy clinic on London Wall.

I created this online yoga studio to share with everyone who wants to explore practical holistic tools, to try our classes and workshops and to be part of a growing online community.

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FREE WORKSHOP (1 Hour 45 Mins) – Sharing holistic information about how we can adapt and transform in the Age Of Aquarius

A 3-PART WORKSHOP SERIES – A Special series sharing how to work with your Chakras, through meditation, journaling, Shadow work and more!

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Energy Cord-Cutting: Important things to know!

Essentially, cord-cutting is about consciously releasing energy attachments in our own energy system through energy cords that do not serve us or weigh us down. Most people talk about cord-cutting with other people and their connection to them through friendships and relationships – But it can be something that you do with many other energy connections… Like habits, patterns, cycles, memories, situations. As our energy system (especially if you are sensitive to energy and pick up things easily) can build these energy cords over time, this method of releasing can help us move forward on our Self-journey as we evolve and grow.

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