ONLINE WORKSHOP: Holistic Approaches To The Age Of Aquarius (1 HOUR 45 MINS)

We are in a transitional time into the Age of Aquarius – This workshop is a practical and holistic approach in how to adapt to the changes of our times!

The Age Of Aquarius

We are in a collective transitional point. As I write this post in 2020, we are now more aware of this than ever before, on a global level. We can see how everything is being played out in front us – The truth is that these changes have been going on for a while and most of it was either hidden or in parts of the world that may not have felt like it had a direct effect on us. It has been brewing and 2020 gave us some insights into what the collective transition is experiencing – from the use of technology, the groups we feel we belong to (both personal, political, collective etc), the information we are presented with, the way work has had to adapt… And so much more! These are all very Aquarian energy topics!

Kundalini awakenings are also happening so much more because of this shift. Kundalini rising is happening all over the world and will continue to be a topic that many new people will experience, even when the whole concept of metaphysics and spirituality is something that many never even considered before.


An online audio workshop exploring our mind, body, soul and the bigger picture!

1 Hour 45 Minutes

Join our new FREE online workshop – I felt drawn to sharing more in a FREE workshop, going through the basics of what the Age Of Aquarius is, the themes and areas in life we should be observing and how to practically adapt to the changing times, using holistic health and reflection questions. It is important for me to also say that with everything that is going on, I am not doing this workshop to push any political or spiritual ideas to anyone – I aim to share this workshop in a neutral space where the listener can see what feels right for them or not.

Bring your journal, and a cup of tea and take this time to relax! ☕️ One of the reasons I love doing audio classes and workshops is that we can sit back, close our eyes and tune in! No need to rush when listening… Make notes in your journal if you like and see what comes up within. I have included timestamp links in the post with the workshop video so you can always jump into specific areas if you want to return to tuning in again!

This workshop will be posted on the 15th of December 2020 – And it will stay up online! If you are already a member and subscriber to our website, expect to get an email with the password just before this workshop!

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