PODCAST – EPISODE 9: Spring Meditation & Health Tips

SPRING SPECIAL EPISODE! Happy Astrological New Year – This is a very important transitional point of the year to tune into…


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The Astro chart of Spring equinox sets the energy tone for the next 12 months!

The transition from the Moon months of Autumn/Winter is now experiencing release! This is a BIG activation point as we move out from the internal and channel to the external… Are you ready? This is an obvious point of the year where we can start to feel and see the differences in what is going on.

In this episode, we explore tips and do a simple meditation to explore what this energy shift means for us – on a personal and collective level. For starters, ask your Self: What does SPRING bring up for you? Tune in to the podcast, write down the questions and inspirations that come up.



  • What came up for you during Autumn/Winter? The internal part of our Self is usually during the Moon months of Autumn/Winter… We dive into the emotions and internal changes. Think about what triggers, shadow aspects, inspirations, emotions etc came up for you during this time.
  • What can you now bring forward into your actions from this? Now that you know what you went through, think about ways to move things forward and let them blossom.
  • What does Spring mean to you? Everyone is different and you will know how you feel and sense when we begin this new season and energy shifts.
  • Can you challenge your Self to get out of your comfort zone to do new things this Spring/Summer? Sometimes channelling our Self from the internal into the external world can mean that we may need to try new things that seem scary… but they are part of our growth.
  • What local places sell seasonal foods? Support and explore the places that are tuning into our local environment – Food is one sure way to bring in the life force cycles into our own energy system.

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