PODCAST – EPISODE 6: LEO FULL MOON Meditation & Reflections

IN OUR HEART, THERE IS BALANCE! Reflections on connecting to Leo energy and an open heart meditation…


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How often do you connect to your heart?

Following on from the last episode, this FULL MOON IN LEO is all about reflections on what has been weighing our heart down and what we need to release...

Fopr this episode, I had just finished my meditation and picked up my microphone… Sometimes, what we need to do is just channel and express from the place we are in NOW… with no planning, just trusting. Let me share some reflections with you about how to tap into your Leo energy, your heart and how this is important in these times!


Connecting to your intuition and inner wisdom/guidance:

  • What ios my heart feeling right noiw?
  • Are there any parts of me that are weighed down or shutting off my heart?
  • What activities can I channel my passion into?
  • What makes me feel good?

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