Positive Films: Selfie ~ Campaign For Real Beauty By Dove

This campaign is beautifully done…

I made me reflect on how we see our Self and how we portray our beauty to others. And in this day and age, with modern technology, getting the photo of Self just “right” for posting up on social media – through Instagram filters, quick app fixers (etc) for what we don’t like – is so easy!

The Selfie is part of everyday life now! 🙂

To mark the 10th anniversary of its “Campaign For Real Beauty”…

Dove has reopened the dialogue of what modern women consider beautiful with a short documentary, Selfie, which premiered at Sundance Film Festival this week. Directed by Academy Award-nominated director Cynthia Wade, the documentary examines how social media has become a powerful influencer on the ideals women put upon their own physical appearances.

In the documentary, which can be seen in two versions below (a three or eight-minute film), teenage girls are asked to discuss with their mothers what it is that makes each of them beautiful and to “take an honest selfie. No filters, no edits.” It’s an inspiring look at how women get in the bad habit of talking down about their physical selves. The film also makes us wonder, though, is social media taking the place of mainstream media in how we develop our views of beauty? Watch Dove’s film below, and let us know your perspective in the comments.

Dove’s three-minute “Selfie”

Dove’s eight-minute “Selfie”