Positive Films: The Business Of Being Born


We are in the age of Aquarius, a very feminine energy… One of the beautiful things about this era is that women are able to celebrate their Self more! And what comes with this is a whole series of choices on how we tune into our body, our role in society today and the choices in baby/family care.

This is a very interesting look at childbirth (mainly through the eyes of US history) and the medical industry – Please note, I am not posting this as a point to make against modern medicine and how it’s run… I completely respect the dedication of doctors today, my own father spent his whole life in this field as a consultant and I admire him greatly!

But what I do think is important is to see all angles related to this topic… and this documentary highlights some points you might agree/disagree with. Also, I am not a mother but hope to someday be – so these films inspire me to research and admire the process of motherhood. Beautiful film – Check out the website here!

Enjoy 🙂