Dates For 2013: Creative & Holistic Events!


HAPPY YEAR OF THE SNAKE 2013! It starts off with a very power-full New Moon today and I’m taking this weekend to set up and explore my own personal healthy boundaries this year – which includes making more time to enjoy as many creative-holistic events as I can, taking time out to do ME in 2013 🙂

So, here are some events to stick in your diary that promise to be full of fun! Also, check out my previous blog for some alternative on-going nights-out in London and Time Out’s First Thursdays for great event offers every month.

London: Key Holistic Events

20 – 26 May: National Vegetarian Week – Across UK (website)

24 – 27 May: Mind Body Spirit Festival – London (website)

TBC: Festival Of Life – London (website)

25 – 27 Sept: Mind Body Soul Festival – London (website)

5 – 6 Oct: CAM Expo – London (website)

25 – 27 Oct: The Yoga Show – London (website)

And if you’re hungry for more, check out the green events website 


More Creative + Holistic Events

This is a mix of different things, ranging from music events to festivals abroad. These are the key dates I’ve also included in my diary this year to attend!

Please check their individual official/facebook/twitter websites for changes/updates on venue/dates/times so you don’t miss out 🙂

5 – 7 Mar: Ecobuild – London (website)

6 – 10 Mar: Women Of The World Festival – London (website)

7 – 8 Mar & 3 – 10 Apr: Birds Eye View Film Festival – London (website)

8 – 24 Mar: ¡Viva! 19th Spanish and Latin American Film Festival – London (website)

15 – 27 Mar: Flamenco Festival – London (website)

16 – 17 Mar: Veg Fest – Brighton (website)

Apr & Sept TBC: London Spanish Film Festival – London (website)

10 – 21 Apr: Alchemy South Asia Festival (website)

12 – 15 Apr: London International Cuban Congress – London (website)

20 Apr: Kundalini UK Conference – Brighton (website)

5 May & Around Oct TBC: StreetFest – London (website)

Around May & Jun TBC: The London International Documentary Festival – London (website)

7 – 22 Jun: Spitalfields Music Summer Festival – London (website)

29 Jun – 3 Jul: Shiva Rea In London – London (website)

Around Jul TBC: Whitecross Street Party – London (website)

Around Jun/Jul TBC: Paris Jazz Festival – Paris (website)

4 – 8 Jul: Barcelona Yoga Conference – Barcelona (website)

4 – 10 Jul: East End Film Festival – London (website)

13 – 14 Jul: Urban Arts Festival – London (website)

Around Aug TBC: Carnaval Del Pueblo – London (website)

Around Nov TBC: Film Africa – London (website)


I will update this regularly so stay tuned 🙂

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