Energy Healing: Embrace Winter With Your Inner Light!


The Winter solstice came with a huge boom, as people from all around the world celebrated the end and beginning of an era… 21.12.12 was a big day.

So now what?

Embrace stillness

2013 is nearly here, yay 🙂 We are well and truly in Winter. How is everyone feeling? …Anyone feeling like hibernating lol? The cold and darkness has this effect on many of us sometimes. And it is a good sign that we need to start to slow everything right down further, enjoy stillness within our Self. Autumn is often a very emotional transition time from the Spring/Summer Sun months into the Moon months (read post) … Winter is the extension of Autumn’s reflections.

You may now be feeling more used to the darker Moon months. We are in a sacred place deep within our Self… our energy may look (and sometimes feel) completely dormant, but it is burning bright somewhere in our very core of being! Your job is to nurture it during this season and to remember that it is still there 🙂

Winter blues? Find your inner light & warmth

 A lot of people suffer from SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder), which is a type of winter depression that affects an estimated 7% of the population every winter between September and April; in particular during December, January and February. This can lead to low mood, low motivation, feeling tired and drained. Luckily, there are many good solutions out there such as buying SAD lightbulbs, light boxes and sunrise alarm clocks to slowly adjust your environment.

Other solutions that I have found helpful in my own life during this time is to engage in daily activities that connect and burn your inner energy, fueling your sacred fire – and this may even feel physically hot! For example, Bikram hot yoga classes or adding more fire spices in your foods (like ginger, garlic, cayenne pepper etc).

Meditation work using lights in your visualisations and in the form of candles or bright environments is great for waking you up and reminding you to keep the balance between stillness and your inner light alive. Watch your solar plexus chakra burn brughtly!

Wrap up and get out there too… embracing stillness does not mean you need to stop your social life and interactions. If your body needs you to rest, do so – but remember that this is also the moment where you can cocoon your surroundings with people you love and who share warmth in your heart. Christmas and other celebrations during this season is especially made for this!

Colours and chakras

As with Autumn, we are dealing with our lower chakras/colours of 1-4 …but Winter also invites a hint of white in our energy system… imagine a brilliantly white snowy environment and you can see that white can be a blank canvas, connecting us to our Higher Self and chakra 7 at the crown of our head. What a powerful mix to add to our other active, emotional, creative chakras. There is a nice balance that happens from both sides of the chakra spectrum during the days where snow falls. And if you live in a place with no snow, use this as part of your meditation visualisations!

Nature calls you to occasionally play and throw snow balls of energy in your physical and energy world. Again, this can be either a very uplifting or challenging time to deal with, be patient and check out what comes up within your Self – the clues will be there. And this could lead you towards having to make some tough decisions… but the Higher Self chakra will encourage you to trust your Self (and the Universe/You-In-Verse) as it connects you to attarcting new things into your life via law of attraction when the time is right. Trust the process 🙂

Yes… Decision time is here!

Although there are different New Year days/times all over the world, in several traditions, most of us will be using the 1st of January as an official start to a year. It is funny how perfect the timing is as Winter is a space for creating solid decisions, after the creative brainstorming that usually happens in Autumn. After all, this is a time for New year resolutions! If you haven’t already started the process of planning and taking action in your decisions, you can be confident that Winter will slowly let you do so! Channel the inner light of your passions and loves in the direction of your actions and plans.

Reflections Q’s: What do you passionately want to bring into your life?Dare to dream and know that everything begins with a thought, a small seed deep in the soil from our inner light and inspiration.

Choice and the right to choose what you want in your life is powerful stuff! Remember, you are only responsible for your own actions, thoughts and words… whatever you choose to do may not come easy for others (especially those nearest to you) to handle as they also may have to adjust, but hang in there. Set your intentions and do the work you need to do in order to follow through with your choices and decisions.

As we head towards Spring…

WINTER LEAVESThe cycle of life continues… just as we were gearing up towards darkness at some point during the year for the colder months, so too must we return to the light and watch the days feel lighter – both physically and energetically. This is the point just before the Spring equinox that we may suddenly see signs and bursts of life all around us. Exciting 🙂 Breathe out a deep sigh of release and let it out gently…

The seeds we have planted and nurtured deep in the cold ground are slowly emerging… our true Self will slowly be waking up from the inner slumber of tranquil peace and Self love that we nurture and grow internally during the Moon months.

There will be many who dread this season, I used to be one of them! Slowly tune into the meaning of each season and it will open up a whole new level of connection. Enjoy your Self 🙂

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