Holistic Treats: The We’Moon 2013 Diary

We'Moon 2013

Ahhhh We’Moon lol… I have written about this beautiful product before and I can’t say it enough… LOVE IT. This little gem is so gorgeous and has been a part of my life for a few years now. It keeps me in touch daily with the natural cycles around us… with the moon, astrology readings, art work and poetry… and much more 🙂 They sell other products too – check them out!

So, tomorrow I’m off to do my annual shop for this treat… I might stop by at Watkins Book Shop in Central London, beautiful shop! One of my favourite spots to buy (and browse) all things mind/body/spirit. 2013 will be wonderful.

WM“The We’Moon datebook’s journey through 2013 is a profound and provocative exploration of “The Other Side”—the many other sides: of the story, of the revolution, of birth/death, of mystery. Tarot card #13, Death, is the catalyst for 2013’s theme, and it mandates deep and imaginative visioning toward Change, the Unknown. Filled with brilliant art and writing from contributors accepting that challenge, We’Moon 2013 is an extraordinary guide through the realms of transformation: our personal evolutions, our planetary shifts. The calendar pages inspire our inevitable, tantalizing journey, one beautiful week at a time.

We’Moon 2013 brings compelling words and images to the imperative for global change toward a sustainable future. The boat is ready for crossing over into a new paradigm toward wholeness and balance! We’Moon contributors imagine all the children fed, all the wars over, all the world lovingly tended. Let us be on that side, mending the broken, inventing renewal.

Artists and writers for 2013 engage with the many permutations of Death, the Great Recycler. The Goddess of the End threads her way through the calendar pages, occasioning loss, revelation, trust, remembrance, bravery. She inspires imaginative new ways to assist people entering her embrace—funereal art and music easing the passage. Her doorway swings both ways; the birth womb and the death tomb connect with the same spirit realms. Portals of the unexpected open onto the page, taking us into the dream world, and other magical dimensions.”  >>>Read the full description

4 thoughts on “Holistic Treats: The We’Moon 2013 Diary

  1. I just bought this…it’s lovely!! Thank you for sharing…much appreciated

  2. help i am trying to buy the we moon on the wall 2013 wall calendar and can’t find it….sold out any leads for me…….blessings

    1. Hi – believe it or not, ebay is great for that too – and sometimes a lot cheaper than in book shops lol, I bought my wall calendar from there lat year… hope that helps 🙂

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