This Week’s Solar Eclipse & New Moon!

I have just come back from being a week away and wow, this week is going to be super busy… this might explain why! This was a reading that I liked 🙂

On November 13th, 2012, a Total Solar Eclipse will occur in the House of Scorpio effecting a grand bifurcation and transmutation of all things upon the Earth. Beginning with and beyond this event positive, obvious, and powerful life transformations of all magnitudes will manifest brilliantly within our lives. The eclipse will provide the cosmic ignition to Saturn, setting its young transit in Scorpio ablaze, and it will have a crippling effect upon those who have attempted to subvert humanity’s predestined evolution. A vibrational divide will commence which will separate lower vibrational beings from their higher counterparts, to include, and especially in the physical sense. With rebirth being a potent theme, look for life to become far more profound beyond the shadow of this Scorpio solar eclipse!

Expect the following types of Scorpio solar eclipse synchronicities: supernatural psychic activations, literal and metaphorical deaths, total transformations of material circumstances, great transferences of power, investigations that shock and cause outcry, necessary and favorable conversions of resources, the relentless exposure of evil, crime, and secrecy, the purging of corruption, medical traumas and the sudden awareness of disease, sacred and paradigm ending revelations, sudden appropriations of wealth, great disruptions to secret societies, the breaking of entanglements, the deepening of spiritual devotion, breakthroughs in psychotherapy, the enforcement of accountability, public shamings, and revivals of health.

As a rule, all eclipses sync with divinely ordained experiences, the most powerful type being the total solar eclipse. When an eclipse occurs currents of fate ripple throughout our lives. It is important to know this because there are times in life where God shows His hand. Eclipses qualify to be included among these times. The nature of one’s eclipse experience will always reflect their Light Quotient, which is the composite of one’s mental, spiritual, and physical vibrations. Eclipses are designed to quantum leap our lives and they have been heralded throughout history as omens of radical change – and rightly so! By referencing one’s own horoscope, which is in fact a sacred document, one can very easily determine where an eclipse will have the greatest impact on their lives. Their effects needn’t be secret.

Quite literally, a new world will emerge beyond November 13th. The bifurcation effect of this eclipse, and of Saturn’s transit in Scorpio, will work to physically separate people based on their vibrational polarity. People will begin to disconnect and reconnect in the most intimate of ways that allow for new strengths to emerge. As a result, those of a lower vibration will find themselves unbelievably restricted and amidst impossibly difficult circumstances while others of a higher vibration will enjoy an empowering and beautifying metamorphosis that will allow them to advance in life and serve God’s will for our race and planet. Polarity is one of the principle laws of nature so watch as people are divided and reconnected in accordance with it.

Two of the preeminent themes of Saturn’s transit in Scorpio will make dramatic entrances with this eclipse: that of sex and disease, and of all of the things connected to them. Sexual indiscretion, to include past indiscretions, will now carry painful, costly, and potentially deadly consequences. One would be wise to abstain from sexual activity lest it is accompanied with the love vibration. Sexuality will become a topic of intense and sustained trial where the natures of gender will serve as a plane of challenge, growth, and learning. We are wise to treat sex with respect because it belongs to the House that also encompasses what is sacred and what is deadly.

Victories against and manifestations of disease will also soon present as major life themes for millions and millions of people. Recovery and cure will come to some while others are abducted by affliction and forced into dark territory, personal vibration being the determining factor. The element of water will become more vital than ever so observe as the aqueous comes into focus as a carrier of pathogens, a course for healing, and a domain of adversity. We have entered a time where hidden cures will become disclosed and where great swathes of our population will accept the grim reality that disease and death have been cloaked as food and medicine by our most trusted earthly agencies. Revelation and transformation do belong to the same House: Scorpio.

This eclipse and its cycle, of a force so great as to cause the end of an international war, will bring the reality of the occurrence of the most heinous crimes powerfully into the collective consciousness. In specific I am referring to human slavery, ritual sacrifice, pedophilia, torture networks, sex trafficking, drug smuggling, criminal conspiracy and coverup, and deeply entrenched satanic networks, all of which have been sanctioned and enabled by the highest offices and personages of modern international society. It is promised that the filth of the House of Scorpio will be brought into sight. Babylon will be seen as never before!

Organized crime syndicates will now begin to be dismantled and will be mortally wounded as Saturn transits Scorpio, the House of crime. As the participants of this world possess some of the lowest vibrations imaginable, reality itself will bleed them dry. Criminal cooperation will become a thing of the past. This miserable lot will implode from unrelenting stressors to include disconnection from logistical support, raw materials, and financial liquidity, criminal prosecutions, chain of command failures, and factional war – watch as they turn on themselves. Spread the word: organized crime has no future.

It is of personal importance that beyond this eclipse, and during its subsequent six moon cycle, we each work to transmute every form and instance of darkness that we find in our lives into something resembling divinity. A high eclipse calling would be that we all strive to become experts in the ancient alchemical art of transmutation. With this focus we will need to re-allocate our energy and resources into the areas of our lives which are most in need. Many of us will need to let go of things long held dear in order to fare well into the future. Some will be bitter to arrive at such a crossroads but the time for the most drastic types of life transformations to occur has come, signaled by our shadowed sun.

With the goal of self-mastery in our hearts and minds we would each benefit from an internal inspection that focuses on the identification of flaws and of our ability to evolve beyond them. To aid in this process I encourage my readers to purge things that are known to be harmful from their midst, in any shape or form, material or immaterial, internal or external. The pluming of the psyche will be a required course where psychological self-reflection and awareness of self-limitation become crystallized in our consciousness. As arduous as this type of inner-journey may be delight in knowing that the momentum and rhythm of life, as soon to be established by the coming eclipse, will promote the success of astonishingly positive re-creations of our character and our lives.

As many of us have become aware our minds can interface with the cosmos to alter our futures in tremendously favorable ways. Spacetime is malleable to choice and intention. On that note here is an example of an intention to set, during the upcoming eclipse, so that maximum benefit may be enjoyed: “I have transcended every lower vibrational aspect of my life beginning with and beyond this eclipse.” By the way, November 13th is a wise time to set benevolent and encompassing intentions. A quickened ascension in life is the reward for this verbal or telepathic effort.

A black sun approaches for all who are living, some won’t survive it, and this can mean singing. A time of rebirth, but where will life take us? Those rich in spirit know that nothing can break us. Let’s purge all their poison, they think themselves clever, their methods grow obvious, we can easily sever. A new world is dawning, one of virtue and Light, God’s hand is coming with the scorpion’s might. This House is intense, like a coal into diamond, by vanquishing fear you can learn how to find Him.

Our cycle of life does include death, so while we’re all here let’s give this our best. Mystery and water, mixed close by the Father, the elements have gender, like a son and a daughter. As much as they try they’re promised to fail, Babylon is fallen, their leaders turn frail. Now of all these last words, these next are worth most, pray to God dearly for our spirit’s rebirth.

By Astrologer Salvador Russo

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