Energy Healing: Summer Solstice & Solar Plexus

Summer Solstice energy is running high! A chakra to really explore… 

Solar plexus (lower chest area)
Sun = Solar = Yellow = Summer… all connected to this beautiful time!

Questions to ask your Self and keep in mind for your inner-work focus this week (meditation, yoga etc)…

Confidence & will-power:

It is time to bring out everything you were working on during the Darker/Moon months (Autumn/Winter) into full circle… how can you reveal your results to the world and how confident are you in doing so?

• Some serious letting go of people/places/patterns/habits/etc that no longer serve you: Are you noticing a negative pattern with some people/situations in your life? (re-occurring disappointment/flaking out/draining of energy etc)… They might show up *a lot* at this time in order for you to realise that it is time to release them. It is a good time to break negative patterns/cycles.

• A space to re-set some boundaries also… Do you need to re-confirm your boundaries to people/situations in your life?

• Cord cutting meditations are great for this!

[Please note: If you are releasing/letting go and setting boundaries, you are only responsible and in Self control for your own actions and emotions… release them from your energy system in love (they taught you valuable lessons about your Self) and trust the other person/people/situations will work out]

Confronting fears with confidence:

Again, returning to confidence and belief in Self… Once you have reflected on what you need to let go of and what boundaries you need to re-set, what fears can you now tackle that have been holding you back? What has this year taught you about how you deal with facing fears and getting out of your comfort zone? How can you do things differently so you can bring flow and energy into these areas?

• Tapping into your fire!
This is the chakra that is full of FIRE, full of life and energising… “fire in your belly” comes to mind 🙂

How can you channel this divine energy at this time of the year? What creative outlets will let you explore it fully?

By creating flow in this chakra, you are also activating other chakras that are closely connected … Such as the throat chakra for communication/release, emotional chakra for cutting energy cords and bringing the upper and lower chakras into balance as sometimes we naturally tend to be either top or bottom heavy with how we use our chakra system!

An exciting time to enjoy what Summer has to offer (even if the weather hasn’t quite caught up 🙂  )

Happy Summer Solstice 2012!!!

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