Music Lovers: Celebrate Record Store Day!

Click Here – UK Website

I do miss going to a good independent record shop… Don’t get me wrong, I’m loving how it’s so easy to share and buy music at a touch of a button these days, but there was also a lot of magic in going out, taking the time to work through the Vinyl, Tapes and CDs and find a gem. That ah-ha! moment lol! Less of a business feel, more of a community feel for music lovers! I think every music lover probably have their favourite record store – Mine? Every time I go back to Madrid, there is this one shop in El Rastro market that has some really old stuff that I love.

It’s funny how the timing goes – I just recently re-connected via fb with an old friend who is a guitarist and he’s been in the music industry for years and played with some amazing musicians – so we were talking about the differences of the past and now – how creativity has or has not moved forward in general and why. I’m not just talking about 20 years ago – even just 5 years ago – the changes that have happened and how we can celebrate creativity and music in this day and age. Very interesting! I’m always into supporting indie creative projects so this day is one of them.

Anyway, there are many events (some who support charity too!) and rare releases going on to celebrate this day (check out the UK events page) so if like me, you love a good independent record store, why not show some love today and visit your local one!

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