Urban Zen Tip #3: Look Closer, Nature Is All Around Us!

‎”Everything in this world has a hidden meaning…
People, animals, trees, stars are all hieroglyphics…
We think they are really only people, animals, trees, stars.
It is only years later… that some of us understand.”

~ Nikos Kazantzakis

I was having one of those days… London felt like all shades of grey and I craved just being next to the sea or in a field – anywhere that involved nature. So, I stood there on the train platform, looked down and asked for some inspiration. Nothing. Bluh lol.

The train was late, I was late – I rarely get annoyed, but today was something else lol! So in my determination to shift my focus to something positive, I asked for inspiration again.

It was only when I looked down at the gravel below me that I started to let me eyes play with whatever came my way… and there it was. Tiny tiny shoots of green, fearlessly making their way through the concrete and sprouting little flowers.

And it reminded me that nature is actually all around, we are always connected – even when it is not always obvious. And especially in the city background, it may blend and disappear into the background – but if we look closely, it shows its Self in amazing ways.

Defiant. And Beautiful.

It also brought back some memories of studying the theories of Deep Ecology. When we begin to really connect to the idea that we are part of a huge natural system, even when we are tucked away in a man-made setting.

So, take a good look around today – appreciate the hidden green that we normally may ignore on our daily travels around the urban playground. Be inspired by how nature comes through, in the most unexpected places!

Yes, we are all connected 🙂

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