Holistic Treats: Aura-Soma Equilibrium Bottles

Anyone who knows me will tell you that I love oils for everything! From body oils, hair oils, aromatherapy burning oils to omega oils for food etc. I LOVE them 🙂 And this is my latest holistic treat that I bought while I was away. Isn’t it gorgeous!? I couldn’t stop looking at it.

I luckily received a free consultation when I was choosing the bottle from instinct in the shop – I know this can be costly in London so I was so glad for it! And along with choosing the right chosen bottle, you will also receive details about its meaning and an affirmation.

This bottle drew me instantly – And when the lovely lady was reading out the meanings, it was SPOT ON as to where I am now.

Trust your instinct when choosing the bottle – tune in and watch where your eyes focus. Don’t worry about it’s meaning to begin with – the colours you choose will reveal it… you’ll be surprised I’m sure lol 🙂

Aura-Soma philosophy says “You are the colours you choose”. The colours you chose will reflect the needs that lie hidden within. Your colour choice will help you to recognise these needs at a deep level. Through its use and application the system opens levels of communication between the self and the soul. Your chosen colours have the capacity to support you in a deeper understanding of your “soul”, past, present and future. Through the wave-lengths of colour you are given insight to self-empowerment.

Let me share my own 50ml Equilibrium bottle’s meaning 🙂

Violet / Turquoise: A New Message

Top: Violet
Lower: Turquoise
Shakes Together As: Violet
Affirmation: “I am open to new.  I feel the joy in my heart as I embrace the moment.”

Main Theme: New possibilities. Spirit is communicated by the heart.

Keynote: A communication from the feeling side of the being. A communication inspired from Spirit. A transformative communication from the heart.

It was everything I needed for inspiration on some work I was doing abroad 🙂

Oh so many colours to choose from lol 🙂  – More information:

This brings the oily and watery parts of the plant together for the first time, combining the arts of aromatherapy and herbalism, through the use of herbal extracts. The crystal energies are contained in both fractions, initially introduced by Kabalistic invocation but now with technology which is used to transfer the crystal and gem energies into the receptive medium of the oil and water. Each bottle contains an energetic frequency. The combination, with an intention to heal, provides a unique opportunity for sympathetic resonance. The bottles are keys to unlocking our own consciousness and revealing more about who we really are.

Aura-Soma brings together the energies of three kingdoms:

  • The Mineral kingdom, through the wavelengths of the gems and crystals.
  • The Plant kingdom, through the science of signatures, herbal extracts and essential oils.
  • The Colour kingdom, using the properties of light and colour.

When applied to the body and the subtle fields, the products help to restore, revitalise and rebalance all levels of being.

The methodology of Aura-Soma focuses on who we are, rather than what we have “got”. In this way, it allows the superconscious to address the underlying cause of dis-ease. It places the responsibility for well-being with the person who chooses their colours and, in this warm and loving way, invites them to take part in their own healing journey.

I know I will be buying more very soon – There are a few online shops, but I think I might try this one. Can’t wait 🙂

If this is your first time buying one, I do recommend also finding a shop near you where you can go in and have a look as the colours are truly amazing up close. If that’s not available where you are, I’m positive you’ll love what comes through your post box! 🙂

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