New Moon In Aquarius

23rd January 2012

This New Moon in Aquarius signals a fresh perspective on future possibilities in our lives. Its connection to Uranus, ruler of Aquarius, gives us renewed vigour in the search for a different way of being. The Hopi word ‘Koyaanisqatsi’ (also the title of a film!) is translated as ‘life out of balance’, or ‘a way of life that requires a new way of being’. This is precisely what this New Moon points towards: the need for a total rethink, a complete overhaul, of everything that we thought life was about to date. Clearly we can’t do it all in one go. It may take some time, and the heavens allow us that…well…a few months at least! But this Moon signals the need for a radical reinterpretation of everything, from history, to science, to spirituality, and beyond. Standing still in any area of our lives is no longer an option. Remaining in boxes of rigid thought and dogmatic belief will no longer be tolerated by a cosmos that is ever expanding and needs us to expand with it.

The asteroid Ceres, conjunct Uranus, also adds weight to this New Moon. She is The Great Mother, and Goddess of the Harvest, who nourishes and nurtures us as we journey through the ups and downs of our lives. She feeds and protects us, just as she pushes us out of the nest and demands that we make our own way in the world. Both of these are necessary for us to become who the world needs us to be: People able to appreciate and receive the natural bounty of life, whilst also able to own our own power and use it to shape and change the future, adding to that bounty with our own unique contribution and blessing. Her influence upon this New Moon reminds us that we are co-creators in this miracle of evolution taking place on our planet now. The harvest we reap is the one we sow, and collectively we need to change the seed to reap a different future.

The Age of Aquarius is knocking at the doors of our consciousness now, ready to batter them down if necessary, so we may as well invite it in and get the feel of it for ourselves. Once June arrives, and Uranus squares Pluto to complete its birth, we’ll have to get on with it anyway! The degree of this Full Moon is all about making a stand and daring to be different. It’s about walking our talk and not allowing the comforts of familiarity to blow us off course. Safety is a deceptive notion now. The only true safety at times like these, lies in the ability to be totally flexible and ready for anything. Nothing can be relied upon to last. At the same time anything is possible. These times are rich with potential and possibility, but we may experience it as risk and threat. That’s okay too. It just shows us where we’re still stuck in the old way of relating to the world, where predictability and order are king and innovation is only allowed within certain parameters. This Moon signals the ending of those times. This is a new age now, which operates by different rules. It’s time to stand up and be counted now, as inhabitants of the New Earth, not fossils of the old one!

~ Sarah Varcas

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