Urban Zen Tip #1: Alternative New Year (And All Year!) Party Ideas

I hope you have all enjoyed the Christmas festivities… One more left to go for the New Year lol! And I thought I’d write a quick post on it, after getting an interesting email asking if I had any alternative and health conscious ideas for a New Year get-together with lovely friends/family… Hmmm, that’s a good one 🙂

It’s a great time to bring this up, just when I was busy writing a new series called “Urban Zen Tips” for this blog – which will feature quick (and practical!) ideas and tips on how to use holistic health, creativity and alternative ideas in our busy city lifestyles! I’m excited about this because I get SO many questions from clients who ask for these tips to get the holistic work/life balance right… so this is a chance to share my thoughts on different common topics that come up. Hope you guys like it 🙂

OK, back to this topic lol…

5 Alternative New Years (Or Any Time Of The Year!) Party Ideas:

Sky Lantern Party – In Asia, this is a common thing to see in celebrations as they symbolise a new beginning, out with the old energy and a way of ridding bad karma. What a perfect time to include this… and they are a fun, cheap and pretty way to bring people together! A nice touch is to add personal messages written on the lantern wall – this could be a positive affirmation for the year ahead, a prayer or message to send out into the clouds and out into the Universe 🙂 (Oh – and please do stay safe when using these!)

The Meditation Party – Meditation circles are about getting people together and sharing the space and energy. It’s always a good idea to plan your guided meditation in advance… you could even write it down and use this as a guideline to guide your group of close friends/family/loved ones through it. A new beginning meditation (like the one I posted earlier here) will give you a rough  idea of what you could say – there are also plenty of online guided meditations you could change for your meditation circle. Choose mellow music with no lyrics and create the scene the way you want. Avoid any alcohol before the meditation session also.

Reiki Share/Circle Party – A Reiki share or circle is a group event where Reiki healers and people who are interested in Reiki get together for healing and sharing… it’s a very relaxing space and gives everyone a chance to experience Reiki healing. (Read more here). I’m pleasantly surprised to see more and more of these events starting up everywhere, especially in London. It’s a good idea to phone ahead of time, ask if people who are not Reiki healers can attend (some shares are just for practitioners) and to ask what you need to bring. Some places do charge but they are usually not expensive – some might just ask you to bring a donation. Each event will have its own energy so I do strongly suggest to trust your instinct in choosing and be open to asking any questions before!

Mystical Theme Night – A lot of fun parties I’ve been to in the past were dress-up… with a theme on what to come as. Choose a mystical theme for guests… like elves and fairies, the all white/silver theme etc.  The venue, tables and garden can be decorated with the enchanted night/garden theme, celebrating nature. If it’s a family event, this is always a huge hit with the kids 🙂

Blossom Tea Party – If it’s more of a day time event, the alternative tea party is great too – following on from the tip above, use nature to inspire you. There are some amazing teas out there that literally blossom and taste delicious. Make your own smoothies and cakes, add in some of your positive energy/smiles and it’s all good to go 🙂

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