EPISODE 3 – Lockdown Tips & Finding Home During These Transitional Times

WHAT DOES HOME MEAN TO YOU? Home is personal and a grounding force during these changing times…


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What does the word “HOME” mean to you?

HOME and CONNECTION are the keywords we are exploring in this episode. Apart from the obvious association of our home being the physical place we live (plus the place we had to spend our time in during lockdowns) or the word connection meaning the people we connect with, there are other ways in which we can make these words into a spiritual and Self-exploration practice. Exploring how we can bring more of this into our life will help us ground our energy, especially during these next couple of years of various global transitions.

There are no right/wrong ways to define what this means – it is a deeply personal journey. I know for me, it has changed over the years. I have also witnessed how many people around me changed their own ideas of this during the lockdowns that have been taking place.

As an empath and HSP, home is a sacred space to recharge our energy, no matter what is going on in the world and our external life. I think this is one of the vital points that was re-confirmed to me over the recent months – No matter how big/small our physical place is, who we do/don’t share it with or how long we have called our physical space a home, the FEELING of home (both internally and externally) is so valuable.



Some food for thought as we try out the tips in the podcast

  • What do the words HOME and CONNECTION bring up for me?
  • During the lockdowns, did I encounter any triggers or challenges when it came to this?
  • How can I bring more of the feeling of home and connection in my life?
  • How have I connected to my body and physical space throughout these lockdowns?

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